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Sun-drenched slopes, endless meadows, and idyllic Alpine huts — welcome to the Lavanttal, the sunny side of Carinthia. With its gentle mountains and quaint towns, this picturesque valley lying at the very east of Carinthia is a real hiking paradise for families and pleasure hikers. The best thing about it: the Mediterranean influence on the lush valley is unmistakable. As soon as spring rolls around, the wonderful scent of blossoms blows through the valley and across the vast mountain meadows.

We have chosen five different day hikes that will take you to the most beautiful and exciting places in the Lavanttal. You will explore the Alpine pastures and vast meadowlands of the Koralpe and Saualpe and discover the ancient rock formation kilns on the peaks of the Lavanttal. You can also learn more about the area’s mining legacy on excellent themed trails.

In addition to the day hikes, you can experience the Lavanttal on a fantastic multi-day Tour. For example, the six stages of the Southern Alps Panorama Trail take you from the mouth of the Lavant into the Drava River to its source at the summit of the Zirbitzkogel. On the Koralm Kristall Trail, you will explore magnificent panoramic views in eight days whilst learning a lot about minerals and rock layers along the way. Alternatively, you can hike along the Lavanttaler Höhenweg in seven stages, discovering the most beautiful places in the valley. Whichever multi-day hike you choose, you will hike through picturesque mountain forests, across idyllic meadows, visit cozy mountain huts and, above all, enjoy the Alpine panorama.

Simply choose your favorite hikes and let yourself be enchanted by the charm of the Lavanttal. The hiking town of Wolfsberg with its historic town center also offers many other possibilities for varied Tours and excursions into nature.

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    9.56 mi
    1.8 mph
    2,400 ft
    2,425 ft
    Expert Hiking Tour. Very good fitness required. Sure-footedness, sturdy shoes and alpine experience required.

    The long, extensive ridge of the Koralpe forms the eastern edge of the Lavant Valley. On this beautiful circular hike, it goes up to the Great Speikkogel, the highest peak of the mountain group. Most of the time you wander above the tree line and enjoy an excellent panoramic view. Due to well-developed and signposted trails, the hike in Carinthia is considered a moderately difficult tour.The circular hike starts at Koralpenparklpatz. From here you can hike through sparse mountain forests to the Godinger Hütte without significant differences in altitude. Now the fairly steep climb towards Speikkogel begins. On the summit there is a fantastic panorama in clear weather: in the south the Julian Alps, in the west the Carnic Alps and the Hohe Tauern and in the north the Eisenerz Alps.From the summit you hike in a wide circle back towards the parking lot. On the way, Grillitschhütte and Großhöllerhütte invite you for a leisurely break. Just before you reach the starting point of the hike, you can take another look at the Poms waterfall.

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    12.2 mi
    1.9 mph
    2,575 ft
    2,575 ft
    Expert Hiking Tour. Very good fitness required. Mostly accessible paths. Sure-footedness required.

    Just opposite the Koralpe lies the Saualpe on the western edge of the Lavanttal. The spacious summit plateau is characterized by sheer endless, untouched alpine meadows - pure mountain idyll. Around the Ladinger peak, the highest point of the Saualpe, are numerous mountain huts. This round trip takes you past a total of eight huts on the Saualpe and one is more comfortable than the other.Your hike on the Saualpe begins at the hiking car park at the Zechhütte. Through a sparse mountain forest, pass the Gasthaus Alpenrose and continue to Reisberger Hütte. Following these first two huts, you hike on quiet forest trails to the Lamminger Hütte, the southernmost point of the tour. After a short stop, the tour takes you north.At hut number four, the Pöllinger hut, you leave the forest behind. Over wide alpine meadows you follow the way to the Wolfsberger hut. Next goal: Ladinger Spitz. On the highest point of the Saualpe you have a fantastic view over the alpine meadows, the Lavanttal and the Koralpe on the other side of the valley. On a clear day you can easily see the Julian Alps in the south and the Hohe Tauern in the west. To the north, the Zirbitzkogel stands out prominently at the head of the valley of the Lavant.After climbing the summit, you will reach the sea, three small mountain lakes and the Ladinger hut, back to the Zechhütte.

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  • Intermediate
    8.73 mi
    2.2 mph
    1,100 ft
    1,100 ft
    Intermediate Hiking Tour. Good fitness required. Easily-accessible paths. Suitable for all skill levels.

    The Granitztaler Mostwanderweg is a wonderful pleasure trip through the lovely Granitztal. The gentle, spacious side valley of the Lavant Valley is sparsely populated and famous for its wide orchards. From this, the farmers of the valley produce excellent musts, which gave the trail its name. On leisurely hiking trails and hardly traveled roads, the tour takes you to beautiful vantage points, through quiet forests and along countless fruit trees. The highlight of the year is the 1st of May: Then the apple and pear trees are in full bloom and you can take part in the Granitztaler Blütenwanderung.Starting point of the hike is the train stop Granitztal, which is approached by the S3 from St. Andrä in Lavanttal. If you are traveling by car, you will find a hiking car park right next to the station. First you hike gently uphill on a quiet road and soon enjoy a wonderful view of the Granitztal and the surrounding Lavanttal mountains. On broad hiking trails and hardly traveled roads, the signposted hiking trail leads you along open mountain meadows further north.After a short stretch of forest you follow the Mostwanderweg on a road downhill into the Granitztal. On the descent you already have a great view of the valley in front of you and the countless fruit trees. Once in the valley, you can hike on a flat road along individual farms back towards the train stop. Just before you reach the starting point, you have earned yourself a stop at the wine tavern Neuhauser. Of course, during a snack you should not miss a glass of must - and the children will get a glass of apple juice. After your stop, it is only a few steps to the stop Granitztal.

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    6.88 mi
    2.1 mph
    1,175 ft
    1,200 ft
    Intermediate Hiking Tour. Good fitness required. Easily-accessible paths. Suitable for all skill levels.

    The Klippitztörl is a pass crossing on the Saualpe and connects the Lavanttal with the Göschitztal. In winter, snowboarders and skiers whiz down the slopes, but in summer, the ski resort turns into a real hiking paradise. On this leisurely circular walk you can explore the area around the Klippitztörl extensively.Starting point of the hike is the Almhüttendorf Klippitztörl. From here you hike through small woods and clearings steadily upwards and around the summit of the Hohenwart. Between the trees you have always dreamlike views of the upper Lavanttal.At the Grünhütte you reach the northernmost point of the hike. After a leisurely break we pass the western slope of the Hohenwart. Just below the flat summit worth a visit to the picturesque Klippitzsee.Now it goes through mountain forest steadily downhill to the Naturfreundehaus Klippitztörl. Above the pass road the hike leads you back to the starting point of the tour.

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    7.69 mi
    2.0 mph
    1,550 ft
    1,550 ft
    Intermediate Hiking Tour. Good fitness required. Mostly accessible paths. Sure-footedness required.

    In the Middle Ages and early modern times the Lavanttal was an important mining center. Countless, narrow tunnels were drifted into the mountains to mine valuable iron ore there. Only at the end of the 19th century were the inventories exhausted and the traditional mining ended. On this hike you can hike from Frantschach St. Gertraud on the old paths of the miners to their old tunnels.By the way, young hikers can learn all about the hard work of the miners with the interactive app game 'In the Footsteps of Cave Trolls' on the hike. You can learn more about the game at point of the hike is the blast furnace 'Hammer'. Those who do not know better, could also consider the impressive brick building as a watchtower. In fact, iron was processed here in the middle of the 19th century. Immediately afterwards your ascent begins in the direction of Anton Stollen.The signposted path climbs gently and leads you on forest trails and across fields to the former mining tunnel. Only a few meters away, you can take a break at the old miners' chapel. Along densely wooded mountain slopes you continue your hike. The Erzwanderweg continues gently uphill until you reach the highest point of the tour at Gasthof Klein-Henner. After a leisurely break, you will hike down to Frantschach St. Gertraud.

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    54.0 mi
    1.9 mph
    12,600 ft
    8,500 ft
    Expert Hiking Tour. Very good fitness required. Sure-footedness, sturdy shoes and alpine experience required.

    If you can not get enough of the Lavanttal on a single day hike, then the Panoramabeg Südalpen is the place for you. Of the total of 17 stages, the last six lead over the mountain ranges in the Lavant Valley. Starting point of the first Lavanttaler stage is Lavamünd. Here, at the southernmost point of the valley, the Lavant flows into the Drava.From here you hike, always along the Saualpe, up to the Lavantsee. The small mountain lake below the Zirbitzkogel is the source of the Lavant, which has created a picturesque, wide valley on its long journey to the Drau.On your six-day hike, you will travel through picturesque mountain worlds: first the trail will lead you through dense mountain forests, soon you will pass endless meadows and on the last stage a barren, impressive high mountain landscape awaits you. Always with you: the panoramic views down to Lavanttal.Stage 12:
    From Lavamünd to the Gasthaus Rabensteiner
    Distance: 9.2 kilometers - Duration: 3 hours
    Stage 13:
    From Gasthaus Rabensteiner to Pension Töffler in Langegg
    Distance: 17 kilometers - Duration: 5.5 hours
    Stage 14:
    From Langegg to Wolfsberger Hütte
    Distance: 17.2 kilometers - Duration: 5-6 hours
    Stage 15:
    From the Wolfsberger Hütte to the Naturfreundehaus am Klippitztörl
    Distance: 13.3 kilometers - duration 4 hours
    Stage 16:
    From Klippitztörl to St. Martiner Hütte
    Distance: 13.7 kilometers - Duration: 4 hours
    Stage 17:
    From the St. Martiner hut to the Tonner hut
    Distance: 12.4 kilometers - Duration: 4-5 hours
    Alternative route:
    From the Zirbitzkogel you can also descend eastwards to the Waldheim hut instead of to the Tonnerhütte. The way to the Waldheim hut is signposted from the summit. The route then extends to around 14 kilometers.

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    87.0 mi
    2.0 mph
    16,525 ft
    16,475 ft
    Expert Hiking Tour. Very good fitness required. Mostly accessible paths. Sure-footedness required.

    The Lavanttaler Höhenweg has a length of 138.1 kilometers and, as a regional long-distance trail, circles the lower and middle Lavant valleys. On seven daily stages you cross 4,479 meters of altitude, enjoy picturesque alpine panoramas and explore the varied nature of the Lavant Valley. From the market town of Lavamünd, the most southerly point of the Lavanttal valley, you ascend to the Koralpe and wander across wide mountain meadows. At the Großer Speikkogel you reach the highest point of the tour at 2,140 meters. From here, the path leads you evenly downhill to Twimberg, where you cross the Lavant. Afterwards you climb up to Klippitztörl and hike across the promising Saualpe back to Lavamünd. As it should be for a round trip, you can also plan it in the opposite direction.Stage 1:
    From Lavamünd to the tabernacle
    Distance: 21.2 kilometers - Duration: 7 hours
    Stage 2:
    From the tabernacle on the Kärntner Brandl to the Gösler hut on the Weinebene
    Distance: 19.6 kilometers - Duration: 6.5 hours
    Stage 3:
    From the Weinebene to the mountain village Theißenegg
    Distance: 20.5 kilometers - duration 6.5 hours
    Stage 4:
    From Theißenegg to Naturfreundehaus Klippitztörl
    Distance: 23.2 kilometers - duration 8 hours
    Stage 5:
    From the Klippitztörl over the Saualpe to the Wolfsberger Hütte
    Distance: 13.3 kilometers - Duration: 4.5 hours
    Stage 6:
    From Wolfsberger Hütte to Pension Töfferl
    Distance: 17.2 kilometers - Duration: 5.5 hours
    Stage 7:
    From Pension Töfferl back to Lavamünd
    Distance: 23.12 kilometers - Duration: 8 hours

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    86.2 mi
    2.0 mph
    18,150 ft
    15,475 ft
    Expert Hiking Tour. Very good fitness required. Sure-footedness, sturdy shoes and alpine experience required.

    The Koralm Crystal Trail takes you in eight stages to the ridge of the Koralpe - passing through the ancient rocks of the former giant continent Pangea. Powerful rock formations and glittering crystals form the individual stations of the long-distance hiking trail. The ancient rocks of the Kor- and Stubalpe are rich in mineral substances, which were mined in historical times in laborious work. These mining areas can also be visited on the Koralm Kristall Trail. At that time, iron ore, marble and quartz were mined and prospected for silver and gold.Along the trail you can also expect "Mystic path signs" like the "Wired Stan" or the "Luckerte Felsen" on the Carinthian side of the Koralpe. Religious places of worship such as the "Marienfelsen" or the "pilgrim's cross" on the Jauksattel offer a little cultural variety. Not to forget: innumerable quaint huts and inns take care of the individual stages for your physical well-being.Stage 1:
    From Reichenfels to the dumpling hut
    Distance: 21.3 kilometers - Duration: 6.5 hours
    Stage 2:
    From the dumpling hut to the Hebalm
    Distance: 11.9 kilometers - Duration: 3.5 hours
    Stage 3:
    From the Hebalm to the Weinebene
    Distance: 12.4 kilometers - Duration: 4.5 hours
    Stage 4:
    Via the Weinebene to the tabernacle at the Kärntner Brandl
    Distance: 17.3 kilometers - Duration: 5.5 hours
    Stage 5:
    From the Carinthian Brandl down to Lavamünd
    Distance: 21 kilometers - Duration: 6 hours
    Stage 6:
    From Lavamünd to the glassmaking village St. Vinzenz at the picturesque Sobother artificial lake
    Distance: 20.7 kilometers - Duration: 6 hours
    Stage 7:
    From St. Vinzenz to the holiday village Koralpe
    Distance: 20.4 kilometers - Duration: 6.5 hours
    Stage 8:
    Round hike through the nature reserve Gross Kar
    Distance: 12.6 kilometers - Duration: 4 hours

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