Swim trunks, beer, baroque — The Niederbayerntour in 7 stages

Norbert Eisele-Hein

Swim trunks, beer, baroque — The Niederbayerntour in 7 stages

Bike Touring Collection by Niederbayerntour
3-5 days
3-5 h / day
161 mi
4,300 ft
4,075 ft

From the three-river city of Passau via the princely city of Landshut to the UNESCO World Heritage of the city of Regensburg. Always with the best bathing options on the Danube, Vils and Isar. On secluded cycle paths to famous monasteries with baroque masterpieces, rustic monastery taverns and beer gardens. And from the Danube Valley via the Hallertau to the mighty rocks of the Bavarian Jura. It's not just the calves that rejoice on this rustic white-blue, bearish baroque, tasty and instructive cycle route through the Bavarian Thermenland.

In seven stages we introduce you to the route of the beautiful Lower Bavaria tour, which takes you on around 244 kilometres across the Bavarian Thermenland, combining picturesque floodplains with bubbling thermal water, beer and culinary delights with lush Baroque. It's worth packing your swimming trunks: In summer you can take a refreshing dip in one of the rivers along the way, while the thermal baths along the route provide year-round relaxation. The stages are relatively short and can be easily mastered by occasional cyclists, leaving plenty of time to discover the sights of the region in peace and quiet. Enjoy the silence in one of the monasteries, relax your calves in the Lower Bavarian thermal water or add variety to the tour with a round of wakeboarding or a trip to the climbing forest. Again and again you will pass through lively and historic cities with famous names. And the Bavarian thermal region is urban anyway. You can try it out and enjoy it at your leisure when visiting a Bavarian beer garden in the evening at the latest. This route is suitable for young and old and even for families with small children.

On the way you are flexible and always able to shorten the tour if the weather suddenly changes. The train takes you back to the starting point on many sections of the route. On the Danube and Inn, by the way, this can also be a ship.

The Niederbayerntour is recommended in the brochure "Deutschland per Rad entdecken" by the ADFC (German Cyclist's Association).

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The Stages On The Niederbayerntour

    16.4 mi
    9.3 mph
    325 ft
    275 ft
    Easy bike ride. Great for any fitness level. Mostly paved surfaces. Suitable for all skill levels.

    If you start the tour of Lower Bavaria in Passau, we have a tip for you: Allow plenty of time, because in this city there is much to discover. Alone the view high above the Veste Oberhaus in the Baroque Old Town is simply breathtaking. From there you can also see the excursion boats that sail across the Danube and which can be another program point - a boat trip on the Danube actually belongs to a Passau visit. The old town of the "Bavarian Venice" with its cathedral, in which the largest cathedral organ in the world is located, is definitely worth a visit. In short, it would be a pity to pay tribute to Passau just by passing a glance.So after you got to know the beautiful city on the German-Austrian border in peace, you go on the Danube bike path and start the trip as part of the Lower Bavaria tour. On the way you not only enjoy the landscape, but also interesting buildings, idyllic villages, cozy beer gardens and sometimes bizarre sights, such as the "beer gate". This triumphal arch of beer boxes makes humorous and a bit artistic attention that once turned in the stage destination Vilshofen to the refreshing beer. When you arrive at your destination, you can learn a lot about beer, and of course you can also taste it. In this sense: Cheers!

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    18.4 mi
    9.6 mph
    300 ft
    150 ft
    Intermediate bike ride. Great for any fitness level. Some portions of the Tour may be unpaved and difficult to ride.

    After an exciting stay in Vilstal, the second stage of the Lower Bavaria Tour will hopefully start without any hangovers. Should you be a little too deeply immersed in the "history" of the city the night before, you can take it easy and look forward to the first highlight on the consistently flat route, which leads you along the Vils about 30 kilometers to Eichendorf ,In Aldersbach important sacred buildings await you, which will captivate you with artistic frescos, stucco and gold leaf. A visit to the monastery Aldersbach is definitely worth a visit and combines spiritual sights with the worldly delights: The monastery houses next to the brewery Aldersbach with Schaubrauerei and the associated museum also a rustic Bräustüberl in which you can deepen the knowledge acquired the day before and consolidate ,After this entertaining and instructive stopover, you will enjoy the idyll that awaits you on the ride along the Vils. With a little luck, you can watch the interesting goings-on of the "cucumber flyers". Lower Bavaria is one of the largest cucumber-growing areas in Europe and for the locals it is a normal sight, when the cucumber pickers lie on the "wings" of the special harvesters and slowly pluck the cucumbers from the field by hand.In the stage destination Eichendorf it goes in comparison to Passau and Vilstal idyllic and quiet. In the cozy hotels, guest houses and country inns, you can rest undisturbed and look forward to the rest of the tour.

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  • Difficult
    24.3 mi
    9.3 mph
    700 ft
    675 ft
    Expert bike ride. Good fitness required. Some portions of the Tour may require you to push your bike.

    The approximately 40-kilometer-long third leg of the Lower Bavaria Tour provides plenty of variety in every respect. It's a little bit hilier than the first two, so a couple of climbs and some refreshing runs are waiting for you. In addition, along the route you have countless opportunities to discover geological or cultural highlights on small side trips.After rolling in gently along the Vils, you will "change" the river and cycle a bit to the northwest, where the Isar runs parallel, the banks of which follow you to the final destination. On the way you can take an action-packed stop at the Bayernpark in Landau and enjoy the attractions of the amusement park. Much more contemplative is the "Growing Rock" of Usterling and if you are interested in art history, you should pay a visit to the parish church Sank Mariä Himmelfahrt in Landau. So there is something for every taste.If you just want to ride a bike, that's fine too, because there are enough attractions in the stage destination Dingolfing to let the rest of the day come to an end in an entertaining way. Whether you visit the Herzogsburg with its museum, look at the stork and stork tower, pay a visit to the largest BMW plant in Europe or simply relax in the Caprima leisure pool - here too, there is a suitable offer for everyone.

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    20.3 mi
    7.8 mph
    700 ft
    575 ft
    Intermediate bike ride. Good fitness required. Mostly paved surfaces. Suitable for all skill levels.

    The fourth stage of the Tour of Lower Bavaria will take you along the river Isar and below the church of St. Peter and Paul to Loiching. 30 kilometers are waiting for you and it remains, as on the third stage, a bit hilly than at the beginning. All in all, the route is easy to master so that you have enough time to enjoy the beautiful scenery and take a worthwhile detour here and there.The first stop is just a few kilometers away, when Loiching is waiting for you in one of the most beautiful villages in Germany. The many pretty farmhouses and the stately church of St. Peter and Paul are worth a visit.In the further course you can enjoy the tranquility and the beautiful nature of the hills outside the gates of the princely town of Landshut. Here and there display boards inform about the history, nature and culture of the region, so it is worthwhile to open your eyes and to stop the bike again and again. Refreshment and action at the same time you get on the Baggerse in Wörth, which is located near the bike path: On the "Wake Lake", the Riviera of Lower Bavaria, you can wakeboard or just take a refreshing swim on the beach.Whether city residence, the Basilica of St. Martin or the mighty castle Trausnitz - for the stage destination Landshut, the capital of Lower Bavaria, you should allow enough time to explore the city and its many attractions in peace.

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    30.6 mi
    9.9 mph
    750 ft
    625 ft
    Intermediate bike ride. Good fitness required. Some portions of the Tour may be unpaved and difficult to ride.

    Surrounded by medieval gables, you will leave Landshut's Old Town on the fifth leg of the Lower Bavaria tour and turn northwest. At Rottenburg an der Laaber you drive through the heart of the Hallertau, Europe's largest hop growing area. On the approximately 50-kilometer stage, it's all idyllic: Quiet, lined by hops bike paths, Weidentipis and storks are nature-related highlights that you can enjoy as you pass by.Here and there on the way, despite the rural idyll, there are a few opportunities for a short or longer break. In the small market Pfeffenhausen you can relax in the cozy center or in front of the church worth seeing from the previous, only noteworthy increase in the stage. At Rottenburg, an instructive nature trail informs you about the animal inhabitants of the area and the restored barn just outside the village, the "Repsstadel", is a silent eyewitness that you can pause for a moment. If you are after a refreshment, the heated outdoor pool of Rottenburg invites to a few laps.Towards the end of the stage, you roll over the idyllic stork route to Rohr in Lower Bavaria. With a little luck, you can watch some storks on the way. Here and there, small entrances to the Laber invite for a short break on or in the river. In the stage goal pipe then already the Gasthof Sixt waits to pamper you with hearty Bavarian dishes.

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    21.5 mi
    9.5 mph
    525 ft
    750 ft
    Expert bike ride. Good fitness required. Some portions of the Tour may require you to push your bike.

    Around 35 kilometers are waiting for you on the sixth stage of the Lower Bavaria tour. They are lined with idyllic natural sections as well as many historical, cultural and culinary highlights. And the best comes to the end, if you are allowed to enjoy a world champion lesson in brewery art in the Benedictine monastery Weltenburg. But one after anonther…The tour starts in Rohr and as soon as you leave the small village, the route passes extensive hops fields until you reach Abensberg with its very special "beer highlight". The "Kuchlbauer Tower" on the site of the white beer brewery Kuchlbauer is a symbol of the city and was once designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser. That he was not a friend of right angles and straight lines, you can experience here particularly vividly. Do not worry: it's not the beer, if everything seems crooked and crooked here.As the Abens River flows into the Danube, you will reach the former Abusina Cohort Castle, which served to safeguard the Roman Empire's Danube border. Here today is a particularly vivid and informative open-air museum. After you have learned everything about the old walls, there is still a rest in the idyllic beer garden, which is located just a few meters further on the Danube.Today's waypoint is truly a real highlight. The Benedictine monastery Weltenburg is embedded in a Danube loop, framed by the sublime rocks of the Bavarian Jura. The monastery itself is of course worth seeing. After the cycle tour, the monastic brewery and its economy should exert a particularly strong attraction on you. Here you can dine heartily and treat yourself to a world champion hop drink - the beer from the monastery has won several times the gold medal at the "World Beer Cup", the World Championships of beers. If you like the beer so well, you can stay right here: The monastery also houses thirsty cyclists.

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    29.6 mi
    9.0 mph
    1,025 ft
    1,050 ft
    Intermediate bike ride. Good fitness required. Mostly paved surfaces. Suitable for all skill levels.

    The seventh and thus last stage of the Tour of Lower Bavaria pulls all the stops in terms of enjoyment, even if it begins with the most demanding increase of the whole tour: On the ride through the Eininger woods you have to pedal once strong before you with a fast descent be rewarded down to Kelheim. For this part of the tour, by the way, there is a thoroughly recommended alternative: The section from Weltenburg to Kelheim you can excellently travel by excursion boat - this is probably the best way, the "Weltenburg narrowness" with the Danube breakthrough, its colossal rock walls and the distinctive to to experience 80 meters towering Jurassic rock.Whatever you decide to do, you end up in the beautiful city of Kelheim, where you can not only visit the beautiful old town and a few exciting sights, but where the stop in the beer garden of Bavaria's oldest wheat beer brewery recommends itself. Then continue along the Danube to the tranquil Bad Abbach. If you feel like taking a longer break, you will find here in the Kaiser-Therme soothing warmth, peace and relaxation. If, on the other hand, you are still full of energy, you prefer to drive a little further and romp around in the climbing forest of the Riegling Forest Experience Center just before Regensburg.Now comes the end of the Lower Bavaria tour. A few pedal turns and you reach Regensburg. It's best to plan a day in the UNESCO World Heritage in the Upper Palatinate, because there is so much to discover here. The Regensburg Cathedral is an eye-catcher from afar. Once over the Stone Bridge to roll, the landmark of the city, is also part of a Regensburg stay. If you are hungry, you should treat yourself to the hearty home cooking of the "Historic Wurstkuchl" and then look at the exciting history of Roman and European history in Regensburg's Old Town Hall.

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Swim trunks, beer, baroque — The Niederbayerntour in 7 stages