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´With 754 kilometers of routes and trails, the Silvretta Bike Arena with Ischgl, Galtür, Kappl, and See is one of the top spots in the Alps. On 28 routes and 7 trails, you are in good hands as an Endurist as well as an E-Mountainbiker. Up with the train, down with the bike: the lifts in Ischgl also run in summer. On the trail net in Paznaun/Ischgl, there is something for every mountain biker. In this collection, we introduce you to eleven great tours and trails in the region.

Our tip: the smuggler's trail
Experience borders and duty-free shopping on old smuggler paths along the border to Switzerland. At over 2,700 m, the trail continues along the ridge to the Salaaser Kopf. From now on the downhill part to Alp Trider Sattel begins. We continue with downhill fun over the Trail Trider Sattel to Alp Trida. Alternatively, the Duty-Free Ride Laret-Samnaun offers itself for an extension with Duty-Free Shopping fun in Samnaun.

For pleasure bikers and gourmets
As a pleasure biker, you will find your luck on many short, easy to medium-difficulty round tours, such as the idyllic 13-kilometer Zeinissee Circuit. Gourmets will find what they are looking for with the Heidelberg Hut Tour and the Friedrichshafen Hut: In each hut, you can indulge yourself with a different dish - created innovatively by top international chefs and made down to earth from regional ingredients. Takeaway recipes are included!

Compete with the mountain bike elite
Do you want to go up against a pro? At the legendary Ischgl Ironbike, one of the toughest and most demanding mountain bike races in Europe, this is exactly what is possible. From 31 July to 3 August 2019, hobby bikers in good shape will compete in the 25th edition of the cult race.

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The Biketours around Ischgl

    16.6 mi
    6.5 mph
    6,625 ft
    6,700 ft
    Expert mountain bike ride. Very good fitness required. Advanced riding skills necessary. Some portions of the Tour may require you to push your bike.

    This glorious freeride tour follows in the footsteps of the ancient smugglers. Why they used this trail in the past, you'll quickly notice it on the go: Except for a few cows, you'll hardly meet anyone here. But always in order. Because before the trail fun begins, you can first sit back and let you from Ischgl from the Silvrettaseilbahn and the Flimjochbahn relaxed to start the tour. Once at the top you enjoy the amazing view, put on the helmet and off you go!Always running along the border, meanders the compact gravel road along the mountain ridge. It requires a lot of fitness - the climbs are sometimes so steep that you have to push the bike a bit. After you have passed the valley station of the Greitspitzbahn, a trail of the extra class for an incredible sense of freedom. At over 2,700 meters, it's always up to the Salaaser head along the ridge. From now on, the downhill part starts.Then a cozy forest road takes you to the mountain station Alp Trider Sattel. Now the Flow Trail provides a lot of downhill fun and leads you to the Alp Trida. Here you can let the Flimsattelbahn take you back to the starting point of the trail. Once at the top there is an almost endless descent back to Ischgl waiting for you.Tip: If you still want to ride a trail, you can extend the tour by the "Duty Free Ride Laret-Samnaun", which starts at the Alp Trida and leads you down to Laret. From there the Twinliner cable car takes you up to the Alp Trider Sattel.

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    8.23 mi
    7.1 mph
    1,000 ft
    1,000 ft
    Intermediate mountain bike ride. Good fitness required. Advanced riding skills necessary.

    This short round is perfect for discovering the Galtür area - whether on a conventional mountain bike or an e-mountain bike. With a bit of extra power, you can almost fly up the mountain and enjoy the great views of the valley and on top of the Zeinissee all the more. If you do not have one, but would like to try out an e-bike, you can simply borrow one at the bike shops in Galtür.From the starting point in the center, head north and cross the last few houses to the Vermuntbach (which, by the way, merges with the Jambach almost 100 meters down the valley and then called Trisanna) and heads into the valley towards Zeinisjoch. Alternating on asphalt and gravel, after about 4.5 kilometers you reach the 1,842 meter high crossing, which also represents the border between the provinces of Tyrol and Vorarlberg.On dirt roads, it goes down to the lake, where an inn and a campground are located. On the other side of the lake, you will now drive along the asphalt road back to Zeinisjoch and then back the same route you took on the way up.

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  • Difficult
    17.5 mi
    5.5 mph
    2,950 ft
    2,950 ft
    Expert mountain bike ride. Very good fitness required. Advanced riding skills necessary.

    The Heidelberger Hütte is the ultimate biker destination in Ischgl - hundreds of Transalp bikers cycle up from Ischgl every day in summer to reach the Engadine via the Fimber Pass. If you only trust your own muscle power, take the steep asphalt ramp along the Fimbabach, everyone else takes the cable car to the middle station. That really makes sense, because from here the driveway becomes much flatter, before that it's gruelingly steep. It is always easy to ride on asphalt to Bodenalpe - the first refreshment stop - and on gravel to the Heidelberger Hütte (which is already on Swiss soil), always with the fantastic sight of the mighty Fluchthorn in front of you. After the snack you roll back to Ischgl on gravel and asphalt.Tip: As part of the Culinary Way of St. James, top chef Gunther Döberl cooks at the Heidelberger Hütte. More information at

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    14.4 mi
    5.5 mph
    2,675 ft
    2,675 ft
    Expert mountain bike ride. Good fitness required. Advanced riding skills necessary. Some portions of the Tour may require you to push your bike.

    The Friedrichshafener Hütte is a well-kept mountain inn built of natural stone, about 700 meters above Mathon with a beautiful panoramic terrace. The views from here into the Silvretta Group to the south are impressive, but even during the ascent the summit views motivate you to continue pedaling. Anyone who has cranked up the long gravel road peppered with many serpentines knows what he has done and can look forward to the fantastic view while enjoying a hearty snack. For the descent you have the choice depending on your skill level: Less experienced driving technicians simply take the gravel road back, all trail fans claim their suspension in the upper, sometimes very rough section and train their balance on the narrow forest and meadow trail, the direction below Mathon leads.Tip: As part of the Culinary Way of St. James, top chef Benjamin Parth cooks at the Friedrichshafener Hütte. More information at

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    52.1 mi
    5.1 mph
    12,450 ft
    12,425 ft
    Expert mountain bike ride. Very good fitness required. Advanced riding skills necessary. Some portions of the Tour may require you to push your bike.

    All those who dare to tackle the big round of the legendary Ischgl Ironbike know that this is not for the faint-hearted, yet the nearly 4,000 vertical meters, the demanding route and the strong starting field will force one or the other driver to prepare well appeared.The first part of the Lareintal is for most just a relaxed warm-up, before the slightly harder part leads on the up to 20 percent steep track up to 2,738 meters high Idjoch. Here begins the great Trailpassage the third Ironbike- round: After two short sliding passages to reach the Greitspitztrail, which leads to the ridge and with dream panoramas to Salaaser head. Now you turn left and follow the well-driven Salaaser Trail to Alp Trida on the Swiss side. After the speed descent to Samnaun the route is merciless again, because it goes up on the extremely steep dirt road to Zeblasjoch.Up there on almost 2,800 meters you almost made it, because from now on the trail around the Höllspitze is almost only downhill to Ischgl. Bike history is truly written on the large section of the Ischgl Ironbike!

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    11.7 mi
    7.2 mph
    3,025 ft
    3,050 ft
    Intermediate e-mountain bike ride. Good fitness required. Suitable for all skill levels.

    On this short round you get a great impression of the diverse possibilities that Kappl and the surrounding area offer. No matter whether on the e-bike or with conventional drive by calf - there are great trails, cozy alpine huts and breathtaking views!You start below in Kappl and first follow a quiet side street. Shortly before Oberhaus you turn onto a forest path, which now slowly takes you uphill over several serpentines. When you pass the Bergli-Alpe, the trees are slowly becoming fewer and the breathtaking view of the valley and the surrounding mountain peaks opens up in front of you - a little foretaste of what's to come.The highlight in the truest sense of the word is the Dias Alpe at almost 1,900 meters. Here you can take a little break and strengthen yourself. If you still have time and desire, there are many opportunities up here to extend the tour a bit. For example, you can make a detour to the Sesslad Alpe. A visit to the Sunny Mountain Adventure Park is also worthwhile, especially if you are traveling with children. The way back is a highlight in any case. You come back to Kappl via a beautiful forest path - alternatively you can take the action-packed slide trail. It starts at the top of the adventure park and also ends at the bottom in Kappl.Tip: As part of the Culinary Way of St. James, top chef Martin Sieberer cooks in the Almstüberl. More information at

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    17.5 mi
    4.8 mph
    4,275 ft
    4,200 ft
    Expert mountain bike ride. Very good fitness required. Suitable for all skill levels.

    On this tour, you can collect a few meters - and reward yourself royally! Because after the climb in the Medrigalm a delicious refreshment awaits you and of course a fantastic view. Then you have the choice: If you still have enough power, it is worth a detour to the Ascherhütte. Otherwise you can look forward to the flowing descent back to the lake, which you can crown with a dip in the cool bathing lake.Incidentally, there are several alternatives for this tour to save energy: the Medrigjochbahn and the Zeinisbahn will gladly take most of the ascent on request, leaving more power to enjoy the descent. If you prefer to cycle yourself and still want to be a little more relaxed, you can rent an e-bike at the Sportshop See. All information can be found here:

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    1.50 mi
    10.6 mph
    0 ft
    1,250 ft
    Expert mountain bike ride. Great for any fitness level. Advanced riding skills necessary. Some portions of the Tour may require you to push your bike.

    In the summer of 2018, the new Dias Trail Kappl will open - the entry point is directly below the Sunny Mountain adventure park.The new single trail in Kappl is located at about 1,800 meters, the start is located below the fish pond in the Sunny Mountain adventure park. A large wooden sign marks the entrance area. The new trail leads over two kilometers of the finest downhill fun to the hamlet of "Egg" and overcomes almost 400 meters in depth. Fun is guaranteed on the entire route.The start is easily accessible by the Diasbahn (bike transport possible) and the train ride for holders of the "Silvretta Card all inclusive" free. Alternatively, you can biking on the MTB routes 738 and 739 to start.

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    1.76 mi
    12.5 mph
    1,375 ft
    Easy mountain bike ride. Great for any fitness level. Suitable for all skill levels.

    In the summer of 2018, another highlight will be in the Paznaun region: the newly-built Flimjoch Trail will start at the Flimjochbahn mountain station at its full height of 2,757 meters, ending at the Restaurant Idalp at 2,320 meters. In between lies 2.5 kilometers and around 440 meters of the finest flow trail fun. The trail is the latest addition to the 1,000-kilometer-long MTB route network around Ischgl.You can also find all the information about the new trail at

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    5.80 mi
    6.6 mph
    50 ft
    4,525 ft
    Intermediate mountain bike ride. Great for any fitness level. Advanced riding skills necessary.

    The perfect tour for the enduro biker who loves Trailfun! With the cable car it goes to the Idjoch, there starts from the Velillscharte away a trail frenzy of the special kind: The Velilltrail as enjoyment departure of Trailsolutions designer and Vertrider legend Christian Piccolruaz revised and in the upper part with attachments, step-up and a Holzdrop conceived super nice to drive. Gentle, excessive curves, smaller floaters and a lot of flow make a runway to fall in love. At the upper Velillalpe you can then decide whether to circle along the much harder and steeper trail along the Velillbach or on the gravel road to the Prennerhang speedet. So the Velilltal offers something for everyone and is a legendary touring highlight of the region.

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    1.26 mi
    11.8 mph
    725 ft
    Intermediate mountain bike ride. Great for any fitness level. Advanced riding skills necessary.

    The name is program. This newly created trail on Swiss soil brings a lot of fun. The trail starts at the Alp Trida saddle. To get there, you first gondelt from Ischgl to Idjoch and then down to the Alp Trida, then to hover with the Alp Trida Sattelbahn to the start.The Swiss know how to do it and have built a great, but not too demanding trail that still brings fun after several rides. Beginners can dare the first attempts and who has his bike under control, heats up by the slightly excessive curves. This short trail can also be combined with the newly built Alp Trida Enduro Trail (see Tour No. 22), which leads from the Flimjoch down to the Alp Trida.

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  • Distance
    149 mi
  • Duration
    26:16 h
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    33,075 ft

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