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Comfortable mountain railways, lonely singletracks and specialized accommodation for cyclists—Tyrol knows exactly what mountain bikers want.

What skiers love about the mountains in winter, mountain bikers love about them in summer: the ability to enjoy heartbeat raising sports out in pristine nature, wide views of stunning peaks and epically rapid descents into the valleys. With around 5,600 kilometers (3,500 miles) of officially approved mountain bike routes and more than 230 kilometers (140 miles) of singletracks, Tyrol is the perfect place for a mountain bike holiday. Between Arlberg and Kitzbühel Alps, Lienz Dolomites and Karwendel, mountain bikers of all fitness levels will find the best conditions. For those who want to see the whole variety of the country, a stage trip lasting several days is exactly the right thing. The Bikeschaukel Tirol, on the other hand, promises flexible riding pleasure: it makes it possible to comfortably manage 15,000 meters (50,000 feet) of the 32,000 meters (105,000 feet) of altitude difference with mountain railways. No matter what you decide, in Tyrol you will find the best conditions for your mountain bike holiday.

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    16.5 mi
    5.4 mph
    3,425 ft
    3,525 ft
    Expert mountain bike ride. Very good fitness required. Advanced riding skills necessary. Some portions of the Tour may require you to push your bike.

    Whether root-crossed forest roads or high-alpine trails, they all have one thing in common for downhill-oriented mountain bikers: the "flow" on the descent, the total awakening in the activity or simply a "Great Trail". The Plamort Trail has earned the title "Great Trail". He is an example of more than 80 single trails in Tyrol, the bikers dream of the next adventure on narrow roads.Unlimited downhill fun and always beautiful views of the blue-blue Reschensee - the Plamort Trail from the high plateau down to Reschen is part of the 3-country enduro trails and a true classic. It is an absolute must on every mountain bike visit in Nauders.At 5.5 kilometers, you can look forward to a never-ending enduro pleasure. Over the picturesque and eponymous plateau leads the trail right through the distinctive tank barriers to the Italian border and on to the historic bunker facilities. The Reschensee as a goal in mind, it goes over beautiful alpine meadows, winding on a fortified forest floor, over some loose stones and flowy cross-country downhill.Characteristic of the last part of the descent are especially the countless tight bends over partly loose and rocky forest floor. The descent from Bergkastel to Reschensee is divided into four sections and is - depending on the section - rated S1 and S2.Tip: The 3-country Summercard Gold Bike offers all mountain bikers in the tri-border region an unbeatable bonus. As an entry ticket to the limitless bike fun on the Reschenpass, it is available in all tourist offices in the region.The Plamort Trail is part of the 3-Country Enduro Trails. It is a cross-border trail network on the Reschenpass, which includes four mountain railways and 21 trails. More information about the 3-Country Enduro Trails can be found at

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    14.1 mi
    5.5 mph
    2,800 ft
    2,875 ft
    Expert mountain bike ride. Good fitness required. Advanced riding skills necessary. Some portions of the Tour may require you to push your bike.

    The Blindsee Trail is a true natural beauty in the Tyrolean Zugspitz Arena and not for nothing a true "Great Trail". It is a nature trail without artificially built elements with some slightly tighter curves, but can be easily driven without having to move the rear wheel. Supplemented by the magnificent panorama and finally a jump into the cool water, the single trail from Grubigstein to Blindsee is the highlight in the Tyrolean Zugspitz Arena.A mostly flowiger Trailverlauf, now and then a crisp key point, a gravelly section and a magnificent view of the turquoise lake: The Blindseetrail combines all the ingredients that it needs for a successful single trail. The partially challenging trail is rated on the singletrack scale between S2 and S3 and requires a safe driving technique.

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  • Difficult
    11.4 mi
    4.1 mph
    3,800 ft
    3,800 ft
    Expert mountain bike ride. Very good fitness required. Advanced riding skills necessary. Some portions of the Tour may require you to push your bike.

    The Arzler Alm Trail has not been voted the "Great Trail" for nothing. Just outside of Innsbruck, he is part of the absolute house round classic. Anyone looking for a really good portion of bike action after work is in the right place on this short round.From Innsbruck the tour starts with medium gradient, later it gets steeper. In between, the Bodensteinalm offers a first opportunity for a little break. Or you can reach the Seegrubenbergstation with a wonderful view of the Zillertal and Stubai Alps.What comes next is the reward for the climb in altitude and at the same time the conclusion of a great tour and the crowning glory of the day. About 300 meters east of the Arzler Alm is the entrance to the Arzler Alm Trail, the downhill highlight of this tour (difficulty: S2, advanced bikers).The first section to the avalanche dam is playful and flowig with some steep curves and jumps and equipped with chickenways for beginners. The second section leads from the avalanche dam directly down to the city. Long, steep curves, tight hairpin bends, unclear hills, jumps, waves, small gorges and rocky areas offer flowing fun.

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    13.3 mi
    5.3 mph
    2,775 ft
    2,775 ft
    Expert mountain bike ride. Good fitness required. Advanced riding skills necessary. Some portions of the Tour may require you to push your bike.

    High above the district Leite, one of the Urhöfe in the history of Sölden, is the Leiterberg Trail, one of the five "Great Trails" in Tyrol. While this is still flowy, moderate and presents a breathtaking panorama in the upper area, after the stop on the quaint Leiterberg Alm technically demanding to the point.At 4.5 kilometers and 550 meters in depth, here in the Bike Republic of Sölden, you'll find a natural, single-track, S2-level trail, studded with roots and stones. The lower part with its tight corners and difficult passages will challenge even advanced bikers. Beginners enjoy their flow experience above the mountain pasture and can avoid the difficult sections of the forest path.

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    10.6 mi
    4.1 mph
    3,025 ft
    3,050 ft
    Expert mountain bike ride. Very good fitness required. Advanced riding skills necessary.

    That Kirchberg and the surrounding area is a good place for biking is no longer a secret. Again and again, the place with high-profile events attract attention, but especially with high-profile trails. Like the "Great Trail", to which this short tour is dedicated.You have the choice: You can earn yourself the 920 vertical meters, or take the Fleckalmbahn in Klausen to help, which brings you comfortably to the top station at 1,797 meters above sea level. Once at the top, follow the signs to the marked trail, with a few more meters to be covered on the forest road.At the beginning, the route leads along the edge of the slope through a root-shaped forest. After a short transfer over the forest road you cross the ski slope. Now the brown trail band runs through the lush green of the alpine meadows. Before the trail opens into a dense forest, wait a few fun residents and smaller tables. Curve by curve, the trail now winds its way down the steep forest-covered hillside.Again and again you get into a sweat by short ascents. After passing the Berggasthof Fleckalm, you can look forward to more flow again. Fast adjacent curves and smaller jumps provide variety on this section. Afterwards you drive along the edge of the forest, continue on beautiful meadows and finally through a beautiful forest back to the valley station Fleckalmbahn.Tip: The Berggasthof Fleckalm invites you to a cozy break in between. With hearty delicacies you can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view on the sun terrace.

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    38.8 mi
    6.0 mph
    6,450 ft
    6,925 ft
    Expert mountain bike ride. Very good fitness required. Advanced riding skills necessary. Some portions of the Tour may require you to push your bike.

    From one mountain to the next gondolas: between Nauders am Reschenpass and Walchsee mountain bikers overcome with the "Bikeschaukel Tirol points card" 15,000 of the total of 32,000 meters with 21 different cable cars.On this moderately difficult to difficult stage you reach the highest point of the entire route, the Fisser Joch at 2385 meters above sea level.The Bikeschaukel track demands some stamina as she strives twice up the Inn Valley. First on the sunny plateau Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis to the Schönjochbahn in Fiss and then at flow to the Via Claudia Augusta - the oldest crossing of the Alps. The mountain railway in Fiss helps you to save strength, alternatively you can of course also pedal towards the mountain station.Depending on your preferences, the slopes can be covered on gravel or on trails. It is also worth a detour to the Bikepark Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis. Here are the bikers numerous tracks and practice course available.You can find all information about the Bikeschaukel Tirol here:

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    27.6 mi
    5.2 mph
    6,625 ft
    6,650 ft
    Expert mountain bike ride. Very good fitness required. Advanced riding skills necessary.

    15,000 vertical meters per bike are a very nice show of strength. Significantly more enjoyable you take them by mountain railway. Between Nauders am Reschenpass and Walchsee there is the "Bikeschaukel Tirol Punktekarte".Impressive panoramas towards the Wilder Kaiser open up on this difficult stage - you get a first view of the Kitzbühel Alps on the horizon.The wonderful panoramic view above Inneralpbach is an unforgettable experience. Just under 990 meters of altitude can be tackled on this stage with muscle power: that's what the almost 1,950 downhill meters have in them - especially the descent from the Hornboden on tight serpentines to Inneralpbach.Let's start in Alpbach. With the Wiedersbergerhornbahn you can drive up to the mountain restaurant Hornboden - or climb the extremely demanding ascent with muscle power. Once at the top, it starts with a short stretch under the lift route before the path swings south and the gravel road slopes gently down to the Moserbaumgartenalm (1,603 meters). From there, the path leads to Inneralpbach.Shortly after the first houses you turn right to the southeast. After the Buamkapelle turn left to a bridge and continue north after the bridge. Here begins the climb. On asphalt, later gravel and a short meadow trail you reach the highest point at about 1680 meters. Then it goes on a small trail, later on a gravel road direction Thierbach. From there you follow the asphalt road into the valley to Mühltal, overcome the small ascent and roll out to Niederau.You can find all information about the Bikeschaukel Tirol here:

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    39.0 mi
    5.7 mph
    5,425 ft
    5,525 ft
    Expert mountain bike ride. Very good fitness required. Advanced riding skills necessary. Some portions of the Tour may require you to push your bike.

    The "Bike Trail Tirol" is the longest contiguous mountain bike circuit in the Alps and leads through the diverse regions of the country on 32 stages, 1,000 kilometers and 27,000 vertical meters.This difficult stage requires skill and fitness. With 60 kilometers in length and 1850 to be overcome in elevation meters, it is one of the longest and most difficult stages. It leads you through the contrasting landscape of the Karwendel, which reveals the broad spectrum of the mountains with rugged rocks, lush meadows and green forests.After the start you cycle for one kilometer into the valley before turning left onto the forest road to the Karwendelhaus. Without branches you now drive through the Karwendeltal to the Karwendelhaus. Only a short climb up to the Hochalmsattel. After a descent, you will reach the Kleiner Ahornboden and then drive on well-developed forest roads through the Johannestal towards Hinterriß. Once in Rißtal, you cycle into the valley until you reach the junction for Plumsjoch. Now it's a good 500 meters up to the Plumsjochhütte again. After the stop, a technically difficult descent (single trail Plumsjoch or sliding route) follows the Gerntal and on a paved road on to Pertisau. After passing the village, you cycle directly next to the Achensee on a bike path to the stage destination at the parking lot in Maurach-Buchau.Further information about the Bike Trail Tirol can be found here:

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    71.5 mi
    5.1 mph
    17,050 ft
    17,050 ft
    Expert mountain bike ride. Very good fitness required. Advanced riding skills necessary.

    The four-day bike tour starts in the East Tyrolean capital Lienz and leads to the heights of the surrounding mountain groups. The surroundings of the Lienz mountain world is as spectacular as it is beautiful and houses some of the highest mountains in Austria, such as the Großglockner and the Großvenediger. The daytime goals are each (Alpine Club) huts in which you can spend the night to strengthen the next day and rested the round trip can continue.Stage 1: Lienz - Anna Schutzhaus
    Altitude uphill / downhill: 1,350 / 50 meters Driving time: 4.5 hours
    Distance: 17.5 kilometers, medium difficulty
    Stage 2: Anna Schutzhaus - Lienz hut
    Altitude uphill / downhill: 1,050 / 1,050 meters
    Travel time: 4 hours
    Distance: 24.5 kilometers, medium difficulty
    Stage 3: Lienz hut - Hochstein hut
    Altitude uphill / downhill: 1,900 / 1,850 meters
    Travel time: 4.25 hours
    Distance: 35.5 kilometers, difficult
    Stage 4: Hochsteinhütte - Lienz Dolomitenhütte - Lienz
    Altitude uphill / downhill: 1,050 / 2,400 meters
    Travel time: 4.5 hours
    Distance: 34.5 kilometers, medium difficulty

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    117 mi
    5.5 mph
    23,575 ft
    23,100 ft
    Expert mountain bike ride. Very good fitness required. Advanced riding skills necessary. Some portions of the Tour may require you to push your bike.

    The new KAT Bike Tour is an ideal opportunity to explore the untouched nature, fantastic views and rustic alpine huts of the Kitzbühel Alps by bike. On four stages and a track length of 187 kilometers, you will drop a total of 8,600 meters from Mariastein to Fieberbrunn.The Weit Bike trail leads past cultural and historical attractions such as ancient churches, a 300-year-old farm or the Huberbräu beer tower in St. Johann. Also for e-bikers the varied route is recommended. To enjoy the unique ambience of the Kitzbühel Alps after a strenuous journey, overnight stays in three- and four-star hotels are offered. On request, a pastry transport can also be booked. The last leg leads from Oberndorf to Fieberbrunn, from where the return journey can easily be started by train.Stage 1: Mariastein - Hopfgarten
    Route length: 34 kilometers
    Altitude uphill: 1,500
    The wide-cycling trail KAT Bike starts in the small pilgrimage town of Mariastein in the Tyrolean lowlands. One attraction right at the beginning of the tour is the pilgrimage church Mariastein. The more leisurely first stage is ideal for cycling and leads past beautiful cultural monuments and old farms. About the Angerberg it goes first down to the Inn and on to Wörgl. After the first right slope is overcome, you reach the Möslalm at 964 meters altitude. From there you have a fantastic view of the Inn Valley. After the departure in the hamlet Pinnersdorf it continues to Itter and then direction Rigi to the middle station of the Salvenbahn. There you drive down to Hopfgarten im Brixental, the first stage destination.Stage 2: Hopfgarten - Brixen im Thale
    Route length: 47 kilometers
    Altitude difference: 2,100
    The second stage leads over the sunny plateau Penningsberg up to the Haag-Alm at 1,350 meters above sea level. There starts the varied descent into the Kelchsau. From the valley station of the cable car Kelchsau it goes on a dirt road to the "Toifhof", from where you can enjoy a fantastic view. Then follows a short sliding distance, below the Glendererkogel. Passing the Angerla Alm, the route leads along a forest path to the Kinzling Alm. The descent into the Windautal begins after a short, short climb. Along a small road the last kilometers of the stage lead to Westendorf and over the Brixental cycle path to Brixen im Thale.Stage 3: Brixen im Thale - Oberndorf in Tyrol
    Route length: 47 kilometers
    Altitude uphill: 2,300
    Participants of the KitzAlpBike Marathon are already familiar with the third stage of the KAT Bike. It leads across fairytale alpine landscapes and sometimes challenging trails. About a forest it goes right up to the Choralpe at 1,808 meters above sea level. Once at the top there is a magnificent view. The following descent leads past the Brechhornhaus and the beautiful Kreuzjöchlsee to the Wiegalm. Downhill it goes along the Wiegalmtrails to the Aschauer bike path. On a paved road you cycle out of the valley towards Kirchberg and continue up to the Ochsalmberg, where the seven-kilometer-long Fleckalm Trail begins. Tyrol's longest singletrack is the highlight of the tour for many bikers. The Brixentalradweg then leads past Schwarzsee towards Kitzbühel. In Oberndorf in Tyrol you have reached the goal of the third stage.Stage 4: Oberndorf in Tyrol - Fieberbrunn
    Route length: 59 kilometers
    Altitude uphill: 2,400
    The first part of the fourth stage leads over the Kitzbüheler Horn on the St. Johanner side. Part two of the route concerns the limestone mountains and leads past charming alpine huts and over untreated terrain. From Oberndorf in Tirol it goes up to the Harschbichlalm at 1,604 meters above sea level. Here offers a magnificent view of the Kitzbüheler Horn. Then you drive downhill to the center of St. Johann in Tirol and on to Erpfendorf. From there a dirt road leads up to the Huberalm, where you will be rewarded with a wonderful view of the Wilder Kaiser. In the subsequent ascent you cycle past rustic alpine huts of limestone, slightly downhill on alpine paths and over the plateau up to Gerstbergalm. There begins a short carrying distance. About the Winterstelleralm leads a gravel road down to St. Ulrich am Pillersee. The stage destination Fieberbrunn can be comfortably reached via the bike path via St. Jakob in Haus.

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    16.7 mi
    6.2 mph
    2,400 ft
    2,375 ft
    Intermediate mountain bike ride. Good fitness required. Advanced riding skills necessary.

    The tour around the Unutz ​​is a real challenge, but rewards you with a lot of variety. Adventurous descents and great views of the Achenesee and the Seekarspitze await you. Here and there can be a cozy place to stay and with numerous stops on the way for the physical well-being.From Earmarmarkt in Achenkirch the route leads along the Dorfstraße to the SeeEck restaurant. At the intersection, turn left, cross the main road and continue along the hiking trail to the Hotel Cordial, from there continue uphill past the Kaiser-Maximilian-Rast (1,250 meters) and over the Köglweg to the Köglalm (1,431 meters).At the highest point of the route, the descent to Schönjochalm (1.289 meters) begins and continues through the Schönjochtal valley to Steinberg am Rofan. From there you take the state and forest road (Route 460) back to the starting point to Achenkirch.This route is also recommended in the opposite direction.

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    10.9 mi
    4.4 mph
    3,225 ft
    3,200 ft
    Expert mountain bike ride. Very good fitness required. Advanced riding skills necessary. Some portions of the Tour may require you to push your bike.

    The Zillertal Arena is full of bikers in summer. This tour introduces you to a special delicacy: the Iss-Flow-Trail. A flowtrail at its best, which curves into the mountains and offers you a great combination of nature experience and mountain bike action.The trail starts directly at the top station of the Isskogelbahn. If you want, you can start the tour directly with the fun part without effort. The gondolas are specially equipped for carrying bikes, there is a bike wash station and, if necessary, even a bike rental and garage service in the valley station of the nearby Rosenalmbahn. If you prefer to earn your own departure, you can just follow our track.In addition to this flow trail there are many other trails around Gerlos with different difficulty levels, which are integrated harmoniously directly into the terrain. There are, among other things, three different heavy variants of the Isskogel Trail, which appeal to both passionate downhill and enduro riders.

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