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In June 2018, Switzerland Tourism is hosting its big Blogger-Bike-Challenge, an epic three-day adventure that will see bloggers take on some of Switzerland's best bike routes. From the diverse Grisons through southern Ticino and the Lucerne-Vierwaldstätte in the heart of Switzerland, to the hilly Emmental and the Wild valais—you decide where the bloggers go. Between June 4 and June 10, the bloggers of Freisendesign, Globusliebe and Lillie's Diary will be tackling the two most-voted-for routes—and they'll be reporting on all of the action. Discover the routes here and don't miss the bloggers' exciting live reports—right from the trails!

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  • Expert
    106 km
    8.2 km/h
    3,510 m
    4,010 m
    Expert mountain bike ride. Very good fitness required. Advanced riding skills necessary. Some portions of the Tour may require you to carry your bike.

    The start for the bloggers is Davos Klosters in Grisons. The mountain world of Davos Klosters is varied and offers enjoyment, challenges and adrenaline kick at the same time - with the "Alps Epic Trail Davos" and the "10,000 altitude track tour" as a figurehead, a flowiges experience on high-quality trails in the countryside is guaranteed. It continues for the bloggers in Arosa Lenzerheide. Here, a true bike paradise has developed in recent years. With great passion and the help of the multifaceted weather, varied trails have emerged from Grisons earth, stone and wood that will delight every type of biker.05.06.2018: E-Fat-Biking and Bikepark Davos
    The morning starts in the beautiful Flüelatal. The E-Fat bike heads up to Pischa, the electric motor helps with the ascent. Then it's back on beautiful trails in the direction of Davos village, where a delicious lunch is waiting. The new bike park has an offer for bikers of all ages. While advanced riders dare to jump, beginners practice in Skills Park or on the pump track. The park is designed so that cyclists can choose more challenging obstacles from time to time according to their abilities. Afterwards a cozy get-together in the biker-hotspot Chalet Velo.
    06.06.2018 Alps Epic Trail Davos
    This unique trail has been awarded by the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) as the first Epic Model Trail in Switzerland and belongs with over 80 percent singletrack share of the illustrious circle of the best mountain bike trails in the world. At the beginning, it flows flowig until the finish Dörfli, where the climb to the Rinerhorn waits. Then the trails through forests, across meadows and streams lead to the quaint mountain village of Davos Monstein with its small but fine specialty brewery, Jenisberg with quaint restaurant and then relaxed along the land water to Filisur.
    07.06.2018 (half day) Alp Garfiun
    The Silvretta maple and its glacier are within your reach. This impressive bike tour in the highest part of the Prättigau offers mountain bikers a great nature and driving experience. From Klosters Platz the road leads steeply up to Selfranga. After this first climb has been made, it's a leisurely way on a refreshing path through the Ronenwald on. Arriving at the edge of the forest, a magnificent scenery opens up for us: The wide valley floor with its lush meadows lies in front of us, behind which the imposing Silvretta glacier juts out into the sky.
    Information about the tours and cycling destinations can be found here:

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  • Expert
    97.7 km
    9.6 km/h
    4,660 m
    4,450 m
    Expert mountain bike ride. Very good fitness required. Advanced riding skills necessary. Some portions of the Tour may require you to carry your bike.

    Arosa Lenzerheide has developed in recent years to a true bike paradise. With great passion and the help of the multifaceted weather, varied trails have emerged from Grisons earth, stone and wood that will delight every type of biker.Thursday, June 7, 2018 (half day): Lenzerheide Bike Park
    With the Postbus it goes from Davos to Lenzerheide - the home of the UCI MTB World Championships 2018. Once there, the Lenzerheide Bike Park is waiting for the bloggers - and exclusively. Since the gondola lift does not start into daily summer operation until two days later, the five bike routes can be tested undisturbed. The bloggers will be accompanied by Beni Ott, head of the bike school Lenzerheide and race director of the cross-country races at the Mountain Bike World Championships 2018. After the action-packed day, the dinner is much more comfortable.
    Friday, June 8, 2018: Experiences with the Bike Shuttle
    With the Bike Shuttle of the Epic-Bike Bike School by Martin Osinga, we can trace the most beautiful singletrack in the region from 500 kilometers of signposted bike tours and over 900 kilometers of GPS tours. From Lenzerheide to Arosa, always on the fresh mountain air and past the clear streams and lakes. In the afternoon we stay on the bike, but also test the accuracy: not in daring jumps, but at the biathlon shooting range. During a taster course, the fascination of biathlon is best shown.
    Saturday, June 9, 2018: Enjoy biking in Arosa
    Saturday is all about enjoying biking. With the e-bike the tour starts directly from the hotel and goes over the idyllic Schwellisee up to the Ochsenalp. The tour offers easy single trails over nature trails and through woodland. Special highlight: the breathtaking view over the whole Schanfigg valley to Chur. Before returning to Arosa, visit the dairy Maran, where the milk of Aroser alpine cows is turned into tasty cheese. A beautiful pleasure tour without big drops of sweat.

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  • Expert
    123 km
    8.8 km/h
    4,310 m
    4,920 m
    Expert mountain bike ride. Very good fitness required. Advanced riding skills necessary. Some portions of the Tour may require you to carry your bike.

    In the beginning, the bloggers will start in the south of Switzerland: In Ticino one of the most beautiful bike routes in Switzerland awaits them, which meanders as a mountain trail around the Val Colla above Lugano and offers wonderful panoramic views of the region.05.06.2018: Lugano Bike - Route 66 - Stage 1
    From Lugano, take the funicular up to Monte Brè. Past the artists' village of Brè, the tour leads along woody single trails along the flank of the Denti della Vecchia to Pairolo. After a refreshment with the hostess Michela Dellatorre in the Capanna Pairolo it goes on further fantastic singletrack over to the Capanna Monte Bar. Here Alessandro Müller and Jvan Cattaneo warmly welcome the bikers in their modern alpine hut - and as the highlight of the tour waits there the best view of the day.
    06.06.2018: Lugano Bike - Route 66 - Stage 2
    From the Monte Bar it goes down to the valley floor at Rivera. From there, the ascent to Alpe Foppa awaits on the steep lane - either sporty with your own muscle power or comfortable with the gondola lift to Monte Tamaro. For both variants, a stop at Santa Maria degli Angeli, the chapel designed by star architect Mario Botta, is a must. After the stop at the Capanna Tamaro, it goes along the northern mountain side. The subsequent descent to Malcantone leads mainly on single trails to Arosio to stay overnight in one of the bike hotels on site.
    07.06.2018 (Half day): Lugano Bike - Route 66 - Stage 3
    In an ups and downs to Miglieglia through the sprawling chestnut forests of the Malcantone. The pretty village at the foot of Monte Lema is the destination of this single trail. It is just one of the many picturesque villages in the Malcantone. Past the no less prehistoric places Sessa and Molnazzo, it goes along the river Tresa to Lake Lugano. The alpine area has now given way to a Mediterranean atmosphere that could not better stage the end of the tour: With gelato and cappuccino in the square of Ponte Tresa, all efforts are quickly forgotten.

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  • Expert
    96.5 km
    8.5 km/h
    3,890 m
    4,200 m
    Expert mountain bike ride. Very good fitness required. Advanced riding skills necessary. Some portions of the Tour may require you to carry your bike.

    The tour continues in the adventure region Lucerne-Lake Lucerne. Whether you are traveling comfortably along the numerous lakes, mastering a challenging bike trail or mastering a challenging pass road: the possibilities are unlimited and the views are simply wonderful.07.06.2018: Engelberg (half day)
    From Engelberg you cycle further in the direction of Fürenalpbahn. Here ends the houses, the base changes to gravel, the path becomes a little narrower and leads past the waterfall. After the valley station of the Fürenalpbahn, you drive initially on a tarred road. Soon the road climbs and leads into a nature road. Soon the restaurant Alpenrösli appears. After a break, you take the last stage under the wheels. Arrived at the mountain restaurant Stäfeli, the cozy terrace awaits the exhausted bikers. Back to Engelberg it goes on the other side of the river on a single trail, later through the forest over roots and then all along the water back to the village.
    08.06.2018: Brunni Route and Jochpass Trail
    The Brunni route starts in Engelberg and leads directly along the tarred Schwandstraße. If you have passed the mountain inn Schwand and have provisions with you, the picnic spot Spisboden offers a nice opportunity for a stop. Even on the quaint Rigidalalp arrived, worth a break anyway. Then it's time to pedal again until the SAC Brunnihütte comes into view - goal achieved. At noon we head to the new Jochpass Trail, which promises pure driving pleasure for beginners and advanced riders with its 440 meters of depth and 5 kilometers of fun in the river.
    09.06.2018: Lungerer Lake Tour
    One of the most beautiful cycle paths in Obwalden is the Lungerersee circular route - cozy and fascinating at the same time. You start at the valley station of the Lungern-Turren-Bahn. Here is the underground shooting sports center Brünig Indoor, which is visited by numerous national cadres. Above ground, in the natural paradise of Brünig-West, in the months of June and July, you can observe more than 100 species of butterflies. About Kaiserstuhl and Bürgeln you get past the Dundelbach Falls. At the end of the tour beckons rest: to jump into the lake for a refreshing swim or to swing the miniature golf club in a relaxed and concentrated way - maybe both.

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  • Expert
    142 km
    13.2 km/h
    2,800 m
    2,920 m
    Expert mountain bike ride. Very good fitness required. Advanced riding skills necessary.

    The route begins in the Emmental: here the unmistakable hilly landscape covered with lush greenery is characteristic of the region. Through the meadows meander numerous paths on which you can cycle beautifully. Due to the many gradients, mainly the e-bikes have prevailed, which - how could it be otherwise - were invented in the Emmental.05.06.18: - "Kambly Adventure Tour"
    The Kambly experience in Trubschachen attracts every Güezi fan with over 100 Biscuit varieties. On the Kambly Experience Tour, you will discover the origin of Kambly and find out where the raw materials for the popular Biscuit specialties come from. Visit the cheese dairy Götschi, which supplies freshly beaten butter, or the UrDinkel cultivation at the farm Bäreggwinkel. Throughout the e-bike tour, you drive through the fascinating Emmental hills. Especially the viewpoints Lingummen and Langenegg offer breathtaking views.
    06.06.2018 - Herzroute stage "Langnau-Burgdorf"
    The Herzroute stage "Langnau-Burgdorf" leads on narrow, idyllic paths through an authentic area. Stately farms impress with huge roofs and pretty gardens. Batteries and mouths can be filled at the restaurant Rüttihubelbad, which has a terrace with a view of the Bernese Alps. With new energy then the slope to the viewpoint Mänziwilegg, where an unforgettable panorama lures, defeated. The golden end of the day's route is a long descent down the Luterbachtal. Let the day fade away in the old town of Burgdorf.
    07.06.2018 (Half day) - Herzroute stage "Burgdorf-Affoltern"
    The classic among the Herzroute stages has been welcoming guests since 2003. The route leads along the Alpine panorama and the Jurakette, which looks just as close. The Emmentaler cheese dairy in Affoltern is one of the many highlights of the Herzroute. How do the holes in the Swiss cheese come from? In the cheese dairy you will find out the answer, because here you can follow the production live. On the way back to Burgdorf you drive over the Lueg. Enjoy a stop at the lookout point "Lueg", which is located directly on the track: Here you have a good overview of the gentle hills, one of the most beautiful views of the Herzroute.

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  • Expert
    111 km
    11.6 km/h
    2,320 m
    2,070 m
    Expert mountain bike ride. Very good fitness required. Advanced riding skills necessary.

    Another route takes the bloggers to Valais, which offers an immense playground at altitudes: 45 four-thousand-meter peaks, magnificent alpine passes, spectacular mountain roads, a thriving valley and centuries-old vineyard terraces. On this tour sweaty ascents are guaranteed, which are rewarded with breathtaking views.07.06.2018 (half day): Visit to the Obergoms
    Welcome to the sunny Obergoms. A Valais high valley at the foot of the Alpine passes Grimsel, Furka and Nufenen. An unspoiled natural and cultural landscape provides visitors with moments of relaxation and tranquility throughout the year, but also offers numerous sports activities. Even Goethe was delighted by this unique spot - not least because of the lived hospitality. And this is no coincidence: after all, the king of the hoteliers and hotelier of the kings Caesar Ritz comes from a village in Upper Gomer.
    08.06.2018: A natural paradise for yourself
    Münster - Brig via Binntal
    Via Binntal you drive along quaint Valais villages. No sooner have you crossed the Rhone - which is still a small wild river there - followed by a short, steep climb, but it pays off. For the beautiful village of Ernen alone, with its contrasting facades of sun-blackened wood and immaculate white, makes up for the effort. After a deserved break, it goes on relaxed; The road meanders almost through red spruce and larch forests. Before you spend the night in the historic B & B Zum Schleif, the World Nature Forum will reveal exciting things about the UNESCO World Heritage Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch.
    09.06.2018 In the footsteps of wine and culture
    Varen - Chalais (cable cars to Vercorin) - Vercorin Grimentz
    The wine village Varen announces that the path meanders along idyllic vineyards. In Chalais waiting for a big climb. However, this takes over the cable car, from which you have a magnificent view of the Central Valais. Finally, the charm and authentic character of the village of Vercorin take you back to another era. Look at the wooden, rustic granaries, the old barns and attics and enjoy the time travel. Grimentz, the stage destination of the last day, is also a jewel of rural culture.
    More information about the region:

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  • Tours
  • Distance
    676 km
  • Duration
    68:58 h
  • Elevation
    21,480 m

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The ultimate Blogger Bike Challenge in Switzerland
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