3 days trail action on the Rothaarsteig

Ferienwelt Winterberg / Stephan Peters

3 days trail action on the Rothaarsteig

Mountain Biking Collection by komoot
3-5 days
3-5 h / day
109 mi
11,475 ft
12,225 ft

"Do you want to go on rambling? Look, the good is so close. The inspiration for this collection came from no less than Goethe. What the master is telling us: You don't have to travel for hours to have fun with your bike. Sometimes a great adventure starts right at your doorstep. The Rothaarsteig or the Sauerland is quickly accessible for the Ruhr area and northern and central Germany and the ideal starting point for an unforgettable "micro-adventure" on a mountain bike.

The idea
With this collection we would like to inspire you to a long, action-packed bikepacking weekend. Three days are optimal, but the whole thing also works if you summarize the stages or take the tours individually. Plan it the way it suits you: maximum adventure with minimum time. All stage destinations are chosen in such a way that you can find suitable accommodation there or you can start your return journey to the starting point by public transport. The good is so close at hand - all you have to do is use it. With this collection we help you to plan your perfect adventure.

The route
Once in the middle of the Rothaargebirge Nature Park, the 154-kilometre-long "Rothaarsteig" leads. The course of this trail served as a rough orientation for this stage trip. But of course, you're not just following a hiking trail. We have taken the rough direction. But we have packed everything into the route what makes a really nice bike tour. We have not missed a single trail and have built in many beautiful highlights, ranging from breathtaking vantage points and suitable rest stops to special "biker sights".

On the way you will have a wonderful nature experience on your bike. The Rothaargebirge rises to a height of up to 842.2 metres and extends from Hochsauerland along the Rhine-Weser watershed to the south into the Lahn-Dill district. The area is not very densely populated, perfect for a quiet nature experience. So you can enjoy in peace and quiet the varied landscape, which is characterized by high heath, great views, countless springs, little rivers and some reservoirs. Since the tours have quite a lot of altitude meters, a certain basic fitness can not hurt. Some trails are technically quite demanding, but with some experience on the bike you will master all passages easy.

Bike & Stuff
From cross-country bikes to enduro bikes, everything is suitable. The main thing is that you feel comfortable on your bike. Due to the high proportion of trails and the possibility of a detour to the demanding trails of the Brilon and Winterberg trail parks, a full-suspension enduro bike is by no means a disadvantage. To store changing clothes and a few spare parts, we recommend a light bikepacking equipment, for example a large saddle bag. A large backpack is not optimal on such a tour, but of course it also works. Last but not least: Even if there are many bike shops in Sauerland, don't rely on them and pack the most important spare parts and an emergency tool as well as hoses and a pump. You mainly ride on trails and if the worst comes to the worst you certainly don't feel like walking to the next town with a bike dealer. If you need "supplies" on the way, you have an obvious opportunity to do so in the bike station in the Bikepark Winterberg.

How to get there
The Sauerland region is largely characterised by the Rothaargebirge and is home to the highest elevation in North Rhine-Westphalia. Its central location attracts people from western Germany, especially the Ruhr area, but also from large parts of northern and central Germany. And not just by car. Thanks to good connections, travelling by train is also no problem. The tour start in Brilon is easily accessible via the A44 from the Ruhr area but also from Münster, Hanover or Braunschweig. Brilon is also well connected to the larger cities in the area by regional train. From Dillenburg you can return to Brilon by train in about three and a half hours.

Each stage offers different accommodations for every taste. Especially in the biker stronghold Winterberg you can expect numerous offers that are tailored to the special needs of bikers. Important: Book in advance so that you are expected.

And now have fun in the bike paradise on your doorstep. We are sure that your heart will beat for Sauerland when you return.

On The Map

Tours & Highlights

    31.8 mi
    5.7 mph
    4,575 ft
    3,675 ft
    Expert mountain bike ride. Very good fitness required. Advanced riding skills necessary. Some portions of the Tour may require you to push your bike.

    If you hear Sauerland and think of pensioners and Dutchmen, you can learn a lot today. Tonight you associate the following things with this beautiful spot of earth: fun singletrack trails, crisp climbs, and a stunningly beautiful nature with stunning views of the surrounding hills.It starts right away. Starting from the market square in Brilon, we will navigate you directly to the "Trailground Brilon", a newly created trail network especially for bikers, on which you can really let it rip. The trails are well maintained and signposted and you can take some of them with you today to tune in directly.The tide of beautiful impressions will not break for the rest of the day. You can walk it on flowy trails along rippling streams, power up on various climbs and then enjoy the breathtaking scenery that spreads out in front of you. Particularly impressive are the hills around Willingen. Here you cross a kind of high heather, an open area with low heath herbs and other rare plants that feel up here. These remnants of the glacial tundra attract many tourists in the summer. You experience the landscape almost in the Vor-Flowen on your bike.A few climbs today have it all. Not that they are too steep. But they are really technical and blocked by rocks. A great challenge if you are technically savvy. Otherwise you push a few meters. The fun of this tour will not be affected.Shortly before the goal of the tour, another highlight awaits you: the Ruhrquelle. Here ripples the Ruhr as streamlets to itself - 219.3 kilometers further it flows as a torrent into the Rhine and has on the way a metropolitan region, the Ruhr area, coined.After about 50 kilometers you made Stage 1 of our short Sauerland Cross. Two more beautiful tours are waiting for you. Alternatively - if the time is only enough for one tour - you can travel by public transport from the station Winterberg back to the starting point to Brilon (the bus connection is in this case much faster than the train ride).

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    33.1 mi
    6.9 mph
    2,800 ft
    3,625 ft
    Intermediate mountain bike ride. Good fitness required. Advanced riding skills necessary.

    Hardly that you are sitting on the bike, it is already off right. Because the hostel Winterberg spits you out right in the middle of Trailpark Winterberg. And there - of course - a lot of trails waiting for you. By no means all of them we have built into this tour, after all, you want to arrive at some point. Basically, the trail park but has potential to stay here a little longer: About 40 kilometers of marked trail network is here for Beackern available.From Trail Park it goes up high. And on the Bald Asten. Up there is the second highest point of NRW - we take the ride on the Sauerland but happy! Up here, there is a restaurant, an awesome view and the Lenne Spring. So a lot to discover and enjoy. Which also applies to the following trails. It goes steeply down into the Lennetal, then as sporty again up. After the first 15 kilometers of this tour you are definitely warm. And you've already done the most demanding part of the day. From now on, there are no bad mountains anymore. It follows a flowiges up and down at about 700 meters altitude. It is to enjoy. Many small streams spring here along the Rhine-Weser watershed on the Rothaarsteig.By the way, there is not much going on here. You are in the middle of the quiet nature. Perfect for biking and off. Nevertheless, you will always come across beautiful cafes or huts where you can strengthen yourself. We have some of them integrated into the route, so you do not have to search. You can not miss the third refreshment center after about 40 kilometers anyway. Because in the 24-meter-high Rhein-Weser-Turm is a restaurant and hotel. So you could even set up your camp here. In the observation tower itself, there are some guest rooms that you can book for little money.A wonderful, long downhill leads you shortly before the stage destination down to Schwarzbachtal. Along the bay of the same name, you drive through a swampy biotope, where extremely rare animal and plant species have settled. The goal of the tour is Erndtebrück, a small community with about 7,000 inhabitants, a train station and several opportunities for retreat.

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  • Difficult
    44.5 mi
    6.9 mph
    4,100 ft
    4,925 ft
    Expert mountain bike ride. Very good fitness required. Advanced riding skills necessary. Some portions of the Tour may require you to push your bike.

    Today, a fun-happy trail fun awaits you. For the sake of interest, we counted the rivers, rivulets and springs that we discovered immediately on the route: we were able to find eleven streams and five springs. Today you cycle long distances through beautiful valleys, lapped by babbling brooks, lush meadows and beautiful wetlands. Thus, this tour through the Lahn-Dill-Kreis has a very different character, as the high-altitude and foresight-oriented route through the Hochsauerland. Today it is quiet, green and wonderfully natural.The highlights of today's tour are not spectacular, but a feast for the senses. You cross a creaking wooden bridge over a wetland around the Eder. You can learn a lot about the wildlife on the Rothaarsteig on a nature trail at the edge of the route. A refreshment awaits you in the wonderfully secluded Forsthaus Lahnquelle. And a very special highlight in terms of mountain bike culture, we have located in Rittershausen. There is an old downhill track, which has cult status among connoisseurs. There used to be important races here, but today you can still guess the course and follow it loosely and enjoy a bit of mountain bike history.Continue in the direction of the destination. On the way you can once again enjoy a great panoramic view and lots of singletrack, before you spit out in the small town Dillenburg, which takes you in their beautiful half-timbered old town in receipt. Here you can strengthen yourself and then start the way home. Dillenburg is optimally connected with traffic and also offers a good rail connection, which brings you back to the starting point of the tour to Brilon in about three and a half hours.

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Collection Stats

  • Tours
  • Distance
    109 mi
  • Duration
    16:50 h
  • Elevation
    11,475 ft12,225 ft

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