Berlin - Usedom: to the seaside in 4 days

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A quick seaside trip from Berlin - don't think that's possible? We'll prove you wrong: Pack your swimming gear, hop on your bike, and let's go! In just four days, you'll be feeling the sea breeze in your hair. Past lush meadows, cornfields gently swaying in the air and lakes perfect for a quick cooling splash, the long distance biking trail Berlin-Usedom our Tour is based on, leads you through rural North Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Picturesque towns offer you lodging and a delicious bite after the day's ride. As the famous sea bridge of Ahlbeck takes shape on the horizon, the noisy capital and day-to-day stress will seem like a blur on your memory.

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    230 km
  • Duration
    14:27 h
  • Elevation
    1,030 m

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