The Baltic Sea Cycle Path from Copenhagen to Gdansk

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A bicycle tour on the Baltic Sea Coast Cycle Route is more than just being on your bike. The 2,000-kilometer-long Baltic Sea Coast Cycle Route is like a string of pearls. You can draw on the full range of attractions to suit your taste: historical towns, museums, nature reserves, water sports, dream beaches, recreational oases, playgrounds, architecture and many other treasures of our culture and nature can be found along the Baltic coast.

The Baltic Coast Cycle Route runs from Copenhagen in Denmark to historic Hanseatic towns in Germany and Gdansk in Poland. In many places you cycle directly along the sea, which makes a regular rest at picturesque bays and flat sandy beaches possible. Numerous towns, villages and holiday resorts are located directly on the coast and invite you to stay longer or take a short break. Many of the islands along the Baltic Sea Coast Cycle Route offer an insight into the maritime culture of the Baltic Sea coast. Rügen in particular, with its world-famous limestone cliffs, is unrivalled in its beauty.

In this collection, we have divided the cycle path along the Baltic Sea coast into 31 daily stages, each of which is a maximum of 40 kilometres long. There are also two additional tours at the beginning and end. These show you the route through Denmark and Poland. The 31 daily stages, on the other hand, take you along the German Baltic coast from Flensburg on the Danish border to Swinemünde on the border with Poland. The short stages and the mostly flat route make the bike tour from Flensburg to Swinemünde very attractive and pleasant for families. At the beginning and end of each stage there are possibilities for resting, staying overnight and stopping. There is also plenty of entertainment for the whole family on the Baltic Coast Cycle Route, so that the cycle tour will definitely be an unforgettable experience. Enjoy the tour.

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The stages of the Baltic Sea Cycle Path

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    1,296 mi
  • Duration
    134:18 h
  • Elevation
    24,825 ft

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