GR20 — Europe's toughest long-distance trail

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Rough landscapes, loneliness, extreme heat, bone-chilling cold and an overwhelming lack of drinking water. Every morning at 06:30, the alarm clock will ring and you'll have no choice but to get up, lace up, and get back out on the trail. Sound like a comfortable vacation? Good, because this isn't a feat you attempt in order to relax. This is a challenge, and it's called the GR20 — Europe's toughest long-distance hiking trail.

The trail itself is officially called the French Grande Randonnée No. 20, and it is hiked by thousands of intrepid explorers every year. Covering a total of 111 miles (180 kilometers) around the beautiful Mediterranean island of Corsica, this exciting hike rewards all who try it with incredible views of the lush Corsican landscape.

The route itself starts in the north and ends in the south. As you go, you'll hike through dreamlike landscapes as you follow the red and white markers that designate the route. The initial northern stages are generally considered a little more challenging than their southern counterparts, although they're also known to be more beautiful. In the south, deep cirques, snowy valley and glacial lakes await you — which isn't bad, either.

Before you take on this challenge, you'll need to be in peak physical condition and have a well-sketched plan coming in. And remember: as many shelters don't offer food, ensure to pack plenty of drinking water and enough to eat. You'll also need to book all tents, cabins or bivouac spots online in advance.

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  • Distance
    181 km
  • Duration
    111:06 h
  • Elevation
    10,500 m

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