Via Spluga — hiking to Italy on old trade routes

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The former transit route "Via Spluga" lets you follow in the footsteps of the Sumpters, pack drivers and tradesmen who for many centuries crossed the Alps to transport their goods from North to South. Today, the Via Spluga is a fully developed long distance hiking trail consisting of 4 legs, an elevation gain of 3,600 meters and a total length of 68 kilometers. Well signposted and connected to the regional public transport system, it takes you from Thusis in Southern Switzerland across the Splügenpass all the way to Northern Italy.

Each of the four legs starts and ends in areas offering you lodging and provisions at moderate prices – despite of what's often said about Switzerland. A wonderfully varied tour taking you up mountains and down into valleys that lets you delve in to Swiss and Italian culture.

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    69.6 km
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    23:20 h
  • Elevation
    2,180 m

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