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The world's most epic cycling roads

will_cyclist (CC BY-NC 2.0)

The world's most epic cycling roads

Bike Touring Collection by komoot

While we gain momentum — as we push down on the pedals and air fills our lungs — it's all too easy to forget about the roads that make this feeling possible. After all, they decide what we experience; whether we glide gracefully across asphalt, push our bikes up unrideable segments or snake us through a series of ragged bends. Both the surface and the course of the road can fill us with enthusiasm — or call us into question whether we've got what it takes. While we ride, the apparent misery we project doesn't come close to the elation we'll know we'll experience once we get to the top of that incline. We know every second of pain, pushing and panting is worth the effort. We know that suffering breeds better adventures. And we know that, as soon as we're done, we'll be back on the hunt for our next cycling destination before the sweat has dried on our foreheads.

To help you out, we have some amazing suggestions for you here. Where will this Collection take you?

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The world's most epic cycling roads

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