Kammweg path in the Ore Mountains — step in and relax

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From homeland history to the symphonies of nature… The Kammweg path in the Ore Mountains-Vogtland offers peace and recreation from your stressful everyday life. On a length of 285 kilometres, starting in Altenberg/Geising in the Ore Mountains, further through the Vogtland, this path leads you all the way to Blankenstein. The two thousand meter high peaks of the Ore Mountains, Fichtel Mountains and Auer Mountain are waiting for you along the way and the uphills are rewarded with exceptional views. Three quarters of the whole path are in the middle of the natural preserve Ore Mountains-Vogtland. Rare rock formations, lot's of animals and plants are to discover here. Encounters with relicts from medieval silver mining, hiker friendly hosts, regional food and villages rich of history are added on top. When you want your hike to become a wholesome experience, then the Kammweg path is the right thing for you.

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