Picturesque fishing villages – North and Baltic Sea

Hiking Collection by komoot

They are still out there: Those dreamy fishermen's villages, which still have preserved their unique character until today. Everywhere you look at, fishermen seem busy catching nutritious fish or debating the most efficient technique to do so. But where are these places, you ask. You can find them at Germany's North- and Baltic Sea. Greetsiel, Carolinensiel, Vitt or Wieck am Darß are those places, where reed-roofed houses with idyllic landscaped gardens, wooden walkways and ports with old sailing ships take you back into ancient times - into a time, where live was rough but free and mostly on the sea. If you also want to feel like a fisherman for one day, all you have to do is to follow one of our seven recommendations. Enjoy maritime feeling at its best!

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