There is no off-season — Germany's low mountain ranges

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When winter has arrived and you plan on letting your bike gather dust in the basement, you will miss out on one of the nicest times of the year: Tours in the cold season are always accompanied by a certain magic. Imagine the feeling of riding along a lonely frosty trail, surrounded by dreamy forests. Just you and your bike. You will not only find romance, but also action. Now, easy-to-ride gravel roads turn into slippery trails, and fine tuning of your braking technique or finding the right balance becomes essential. Germany’s lower mountain ranges offer plenty of possibilities to extend the season. You might even leave your tracks in soft snow. So grab your winter equipment and turn these hills into your personal playground with one of our eight hand picked tours.

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    271 km
  • Duration
    25:51 h
  • Elevation
    6,340 m

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