Himalaya – mountain biking at the roof of the world

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India. Not exactly the first place that comes to mind when thinking about mountain biking. For Niko, it's exactly the opposite ever since he travelled the country that's so full of contrasts. He's especially fond of the region Ladakh in the North. It is located amidst the most majestic mountain range of the world – the Himalaya. The so called "Roof of the World" is quietly showing off with its spectacular mountain landscapes, 6000 meter peaks, high deserts and their salt lakes as well as the highest rideable passes in the world. Which makes it a dream location for bikers.

The endless route through the loneliness of the rambling valleys is crossed only by nomadic families looking for a willow to set up camp – who are marveling about every biker they meet. Niko and his friends, on the other hand, were gaping at a Yak bull that suddenly stood in front of them and didn't look like he wanted to make friends. Sounds like a true adventure, right? Go grab a cup of chai tea and delve right in.

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