Weekend tours in the Ore Mountains

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Looking for athletic challenges in a wild landscape? That place might be closer to your own front porch than you're thinking. Quiet mountain roads, just waiting for you to climb them by foot or bike, beautiful landscapes and picturesque villages: The Ore mountains let you test your fitness on Fichtelberg & Co. before you cruise down barely frequented roads through thick Czech forests. Crossing the border to the Czech Republic you will discover rustic villages, the gorgeous town of Carlsbad and the marvelous Bohemian cuisine. All tours start and end at trains stations in Germany so they are ideal for all those from Chemnitz, Leipzig, Dresden and the surrounding area who long for a weekend adventure in the mountains.

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  • Tours
  • Distance
    543 mi
  • Duration
    37:11 h
  • Elevation
    45,875 ft

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