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Off to the clouds on slick asphalt

BMC Switzerland

Off to the clouds on slick asphalt

Road Cycling Collection by komoot

As you push round bend after bend, the only thing that matters is that you keep pedaling. Push. And now push some more. As you crank yourself ever upwards, you adjust to the lowest gear possible. It's not going to get any easier than this. Your lungs are screaming, meter by meter, but the end has to arrive soon. Your muscles are burning, your forehead sweating, and it's getting tough to even drink. Raising your head up slightly, you see it: There it is! The end is in sight. The top of the pass is patiently waiting for you, and it's been here the whole time. As soon as you crest the hill, you unclip your shoe, place your foot on the tarmac and take a moment to look over the valleys all around before admiring the roads snaking into them. Now this is where the fun really starts.

The agony and the joy that comes with climbing and descending mountain passes is something that is only comprehensible to those who know. To those who have pushed themselves up passes — only to witness both the extraordinary views and the exhilarating feeling you get from climbing so high. So you can inject more of this into your life, here are the best passes in the Alps — and they're all waiting for you.

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