Weekend getaway — road biking in the Spreewald

Road Cycling Collection by komoot

Looking for a new destination for your next road bike trip? The Spreewald, located 100 km southeast of Berlin, isn't just home to Germany's famous pickled cucumbers. The picturesque but hardly populated area offers you a unique network of bikeways and empty streets, nestled in between myriads of rivulets and dense forests. With streets nearly void of traffic, the Spreewald is an ideal training area for road bikers. Our four routes safely guide you through Germany's biggest maze of waterways, and can easily be done in one day. All tours begin and end on train stations that take you from and to Berlin within one hour.

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  • Tours
  • Distance
    231 mi
  • Duration
    15:30 h
  • Elevation
    3,350 ft

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