Via Ferratas for kids in Lower Austria and Styria

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Via ferratas have become more and more popular. Higher, longer and more difficult routes are demanded by the crowds who can't wait to get in the queue to climb them. Families with small kids often fall behind since the level of difficulty and the high frequentation don't allow for a relaxed, careful and slow climbing. Luckily there are still other, more quiet via ferratas with less crowds that are more convenient for families. We handpicked some of the finest ones in the the Eastern pre-Alps of Lower Austria and Styria for you. Most of them are historic classics from the time of the opening up of the Alps. All presented via ferratas are not only easy to climb but are just as adventurous and lead you through magnificent parts of nature and spectacular panoramic views. Caves are waiting to be explored, plenty of breathtaking views to be taken in, multiple stairways and rope bridges to be crossed and ancient castles to be discovered.

Attention: Helmets, harnesses and via ferrata sets are crucial for every tour. Small kids should be belayed on a short rope. The Tour "Dieser Steig macht doppelt Freude" is an alpine climb of 2nd grade and should only be done by parents and their children who are experienced in alpine climbing and belaying with mobile belay devices!

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  • Tours
  • Distance
    26.8 mi
  • Duration
    20:08 h
  • Elevation
    10,900 ft

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