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Crossing Corsica's GT20 – the greenest island in the Mediterranean

Tristan Bogaard

Crossing Corsica's GT20 – the greenest island in the Mediterranean

Bike Touring Collection by tristanbogaard



24:08 h

197 mi

21,925 ft

Welcome to Corsica, the green and tree-covered French island in the Mediterranean. Belén and I came here to cycle the Corsica Crossing. We put together this route from bits of the existing GT20 and small mountain roads we chose ourselves. If you’re interested in the GT20’s official route, check out the link at the bottom of this post.

In this Collection, you find our impressions, information and, of course, daily routes to ride this Tour yourself, including the entire Tour which, as usual, was provided by Belén.

Corsica is a special island as it’s covered in greenery. Trees and wild bushes blanket the landscapes. We saw the most beautiful oak trees, with bumpy trunks and twisted branches. The huge giants provide shade and hundreds of acorns for the squirrels running around. At the higher elevations, you find fragrant, green pine forests. You ride along roads and through towns that afford constant greenery.

Because we were here in the low season, the towns were deserted and the roads even quieter than they normally are. We enjoyed typical French food that you can buy at local stores. Every little shop devotes itself to Corsican delicacies and products. The coffee is good, nature is a feast for the eyes and the mountains frame your view day in and day out. What are you waiting for?

If you are planning to drive this route, here are a few things to keep in mind:
- Corsica is a French island and the locals speak very limited English. If you’d like to stay in a gîte (guest houses) or chat with the locals, you'd better brush up on your French with a handy app!
- We cycled this route in October 2021. The constantly changing weather conditions at this time of year made cycling unpredictable and sometimes challenging. If you bike this route outside of peak season, you may experience the same weather patterns.
- The route consists almost entirely of asphalt roads. It is very difficult to find gravel roads in Corsica. The few unpaved roads that exist are used by goats and some mountain bikers. The asphalt roads are narrow with nice views over the green landscapes and are very quiet. But perhaps this is different in the summer.

Finally, I took a video of our ride that you can see below. Hopefully, you'll enjoy watching it and it will inspire you to take on your own Corsica Crossing. You can view the original route of the GT20 via the following link: komoot.nl/tour/621122123.

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Corsica Crossing

197 mi

24,300 ft

24,250 ft

Last updated: January 1, 2022


  1. Cycling the Corsica Crossing - Day 1

    22.4 mi
    6.2 mph
    3,675 ft
    1,350 ft

    The first day of our Corsica Crossing adventure! Having taken a train from Milano to Livorno to finish off our Interrail ticket, and then a boat to Corsica, we decided to sleep in Bastia and start fresh the next morning. As the starting point we chose the Place Saint Nicolas square in town.


    The first


  2. 05:54
    46.9 mi
    7.9 mph
    5,475 ft
    5,200 ft

    The second day of our Corsica Crossing adventure! We woke up in the most wonderful camp spot, with views on fiery mountains and a pretty decent temperature while the sun hadn't yet reached our side of the mountains.


    Coming over Col de Bigorno, we had the pleasure of riding a spectacular descend into Lento


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  4. 01:57
    17.8 mi
    9.1 mph
    1,275 ft
    2,125 ft

    Day three of our Corsica Crossing adventure! Having spent the night with a roof over our heads thanks to a kind WS host, we were able to ride down to Corte early in the morning with a dry tent still in our packs! We planned this day to be much longer, but some really daunting weather had other plans


  5. 04:29
    26.8 mi
    6.0 mph
    4,975 ft
    2,575 ft

    Day four of our Corsica Crossing adventure! Starting from our hotel in Venaco, we cycled a short downhill and then started the climb of the day, through Vivario and up to the pass near Punta Muro. This climb is a very beautiful one, and we got lucky with the weather this day, so it was an extra pleasant


  6. 03:36
    36.4 mi
    10.1 mph
    2,550 ft
    4,075 ft

    Day five of our Corsica Crossing adventure! As you might've read in the previous day report, we woke up in an utterly soaked tent due to the downpours of the night, so we packed up in a few minutes, hoping for sun later in the day to dry up all our camp gear. In the first town of the downhill, Cozzano


  7. 02:40
    27.3 mi
    10.3 mph
    2,325 ft
    4,550 ft

    Day six of our Corsica Crossing adventure! We started late, due to another wet night and the fear of not being able to dry the tent later on (thank you morning sun!) as well as Belén's mat having been punctured overnight.


    After finding a swimming pool and identifying the puncture, we cycled into Zonza


  8. 01:56
    19.1 mi
    9.9 mph
    1,675 ft
    1,925 ft

    The last day of our Corsica Crossing adventure! We started this one early, as the winds between Corsica and Sardinia were starting to gain force, giving the ferry companies a higher likelihood of cancelling the boats. We had a schedule to honor and so decided to make it to the early departure. We did


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Collection Stats

  • Tours
  • Distance
    197 mi
  • Duration
    24:08 h
  • Elevation
    21,925 ft

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