Mallorca — one island. Seven hikes.

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Mallorca is an island filled with surprises. Flying over the fields surrounding Palma as you arrive on the island, you'll pass ornate fincas and ancient windmills—before being greeted by the azure Mediterranean Sea. Here in the south, you'll find Caribbean-like beaches with gigantic stone arches and stalactite caves. In the north, you can explore the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range and look over an entirely different landscape of the rugged west coast. As you hike back down to sea level, you'll find yourself in bays that look like they've been taken straight out of a pirate movie. And then you'll discover one of Mallorca's lasting hidden secrets: the ornate beauty of an abandoned, once bustling, monastery.

If you're planning on spending a week in Mallorca, there's so much to discover it's hard to know where to start. So you can experience the best the Mediterranean island has to offer, we've prepared one hike for each day of your stay.

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    2,750 ft

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