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A long hot summer in Mexico

Daniel Zaíd

A long hot summer in Mexico

Mountain Biking Collection by Cycling Through A Pandemic



10:38 h

249 mi

14,750 ft

Cycling Through a Pandemic is a project sharing the stories and perspectives of cyclists from ten countries around the world, who embarked on journeys in their home countries during the pandemic. This is Daniel Zaíd's story.

This Collection shows my bikepacking rides while staying local in my home state of Sonora in the summer of 2020. From the valley of Hermosillo, the coast in Guaymas, to the lower sierra near Álamos and the high sierra in Yécora, these trips were both with the intention of searching for the satisfaction of riding and sleeping outside while also keeping a low impact activity and very importantly, getting to know the conditions in which other people live.

Two of these four trips were into indigenous communities where we got the chance to witness and interact with the life as a Sonora native, which mixes the tranquil life of being away from the city but also struggle with the stealing of land and resources.

The rides looked to include as much dirt roads as possible, which I enjoyed with my partner Karla and friends. We do all these routes on rigid mountain bikes with 3 inch tires, but are mostly doable on any bike in good shape.

Self-sufficiency is always recommended but distances between resupply points are generally short so it's possible to do it on a light setup, although two of the routes are in remote locations where there aren't any bike shops in many kilometres but getting a ride shouldn't take too long.

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Tours & Highlights

  • Despidiendo al Verano — Swift Campout 2020

    78.0 mi
    -- mph
    1,500 ft
    1,500 ft

    We used Swift Industries' global call to a camp out to gather some friends, old and new, and ride for two days with a night under the stars in between.


    We split a 120 kilometer (75 mile) dirt road route into two segments, the first day marked by an early start to gain some hours to the sun but we still

    by Daniel Zaíd

  • 136 mi
    -- mph
    9,975 ft
    8,850 ft

    Me and my friend Javo took the long road from the city of Navojoa to Álamos, riding five days into what's known as the Sierra Guarijía. The Guarijíos are one of the native indigenous groups in the state of Sonora, and they live in the lower Sierra Madre which is the spinal cord of México.


    It was five

    by Daniel Zaíd

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  • 00:49
    5.18 mi
    6.4 mph
    450 ft
    425 ft

    Pista Aguamalas is right next to a residential area which is easily accessed from the city. This trail drops to sea level through a zig-zagging single track and a few ramps we didn’t do, then back up again on a double track road, all while having a beautiful coastal landscape as background that makes

    by Daniel Zaíd

  • 01:42
    5.62 mi
    3.3 mph
    375 ft
    350 ft

    This was the second MTB trail we rode after Pista Aguamalas.


    This is a 9 kilometer (5.6 mile) circuit of short and steep ups and downs through a variety of cacti located right next to a protected estuary.


    From here we had our first sight of the most iconic hill of this area, Cerro Tetakawi.


    After finishing

    by Daniel Zaíd

  • 08:08
    24.6 mi
    3.0 mph
    2,450 ft
    2,950 ft

    My partner Karla and I joined a group of slackliners who were in the look for a new spot to set up a highline in the town of Yécora, Sonora, although we were on a different mission: to ride a route known for hosting an annual event consisting of 47 kilometers (29 miles) of dirt roads through the forest

    by Daniel Zaíd

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Collection Stats

  • Tours
  • Distance
    249 mi
  • Duration
    10:38 h
  • Elevation
    14,750 ft

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