Green floodplains in the Sieg Valley near Bonn – Sieg Cycle Route

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Green floodplains in the Sieg Valley near Bonn – Sieg Cycle Route

Bike Touring Collection by Hannah

Green slopes hug the shores of a rippling river and farm animals graze along the bike path – the landscapes along the Sieg River enchant with idyllic charm.

The Sieg rises in the Rothaargebirge Nature Park, Germany’s second largest nature park, before meandering through lush floodplains and flowing past traces of the Sieg Valley’s rich industrial heritage. As you ride from the river’s mouth to its source, you pass picturesque communities, plenty of bath spots along the river, quaint cafes, and beer gardens that will tempt you to take a break.

The Sieg Cycle Route starts on the banks of the Rhine in Mondorf, north of Bonn, where the Sieg flows into the Rhine. The route then runs for a total of 140 kilometers (87 miles) through Windeck municipality and the university town of Siegen, climbing 600 metres (1,968 feet) to the river’s source.

In this Collection, I have divided the total distance for you into three stages. The second stage hasn’t been developed for bikes yet and is currently only partly rideable as it leads directly along the state highway. Officials from the Sieg Natureregion recommend taking the train between Au/Sieg and Mudersbach-Niederschelderhütte (as of March 2021). In addition, you find a circular route around Siegburg in this Collection, which, at a good 28 kilometers (17 miles) long, is ideal for a family-friendly day trip.

The towns along the route are easy to reach by regional train. From Bonn, Cologne or Siegen, you can easily take your bike on the train and cycle directly into the green plains of the Sieg Valley at the starting point of your choice.

In the stage destinations of Windeck and Siegen, you can find accommodation if you want to make a short bike trip. Ambitious cyclists can even complete the Tour in one day. Along the way, however, there are numerous destinations that will tempt you to stay longer and experience the banks of the Sieg with all your senses.

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Tours & Highlights

    39.6 mi
    9.6 mph
    1,250 ft
    1,000 ft
    Intermediate bike ride. Good fitness required. Some portions of the Tour may be unpaved and difficult to ride. The Tour includes a crossing by ferry.

    The almost 64-kilometer route takes you from the mouth of the Sieg into the Rhine near Bonn to the charming community of Windeck. The starting point is on the banks of the Rhine in Mondorf. If you come from the other side of the Rhine, you can take the Mondorf ferry. The starting point is about seven kilometers away from Bonn Beuel train station. Alternatively, it is possible to board later at the Friedrich-Wilhelms-Hütte station.

    You cycle off at the riverside park, past the Mondorf harbor and the fishing museum, and after a few kilometers you reach the victory ferry. For a small thaler, the friendly ferryman will transfer you in no time.

    The tour now takes you over the Siegauendamm in a wonderfully quiet way through the picturesque landscape of the Siegauen. Here you can cycle for kilometers and completely undisturbed by passing cars. After 20 kilometers you will reach the popular Sieglinde excursion destination, if you feel like having something to eat here.

    Halfway through the route you cycle through the idyllic half-timbered village of Auel, at the level crossing you have to press the button yourself to open the barrier. From here the flat terrain becomes slightly wavy and you can look forward to great views over the Siegauen.

    Your stage ends at the train station in Rosbach, an idyllic district of the municipality of Windeck. Here you will find a forest youth hostel as well as pretty holiday homes or hotels, all of which you can see at windecker-laendchen.com/gastgeber/unterkuenfte.

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    36.1 mi
    9.5 mph
    1,850 ft
    1,500 ft
    Expert bike ride. Very good fitness required. Some portions of the Tour may require you to push your bike.

    The second stage takes you from Rosbach to the university town of Siegen. The route is currently only partially passable - in the Altenkirchen district it follows the heavily trafficked federal road 62. It is recommended to take the regional train RB 90 in the direction of Siegen from Au (Sieg) to Niederschelden. Those responsible are working hard on a continuous, family-friendly cycle connection.

    Of course, you can decide for yourself whether you want to drive the route anyway. In total, about half of the route runs along the main road, there is no cycle path connection. With the RB90 you have the opportunity to get on the train in several places, should you change your mind on the way.

    Shortly before your stage destination, you will pass the Erzquell Brewery, which is an ideal excursion destination with a guided tour and beer tasting. There are other beautiful spots hidden along the way that you might otherwise never have discovered.

    The city of Siegen is nestled in a forest and hilly landscape and also has many green areas in the city center, where you can end your tour in a relaxed manner. You will also find many different accommodations here. The tour ends in front of the train station, from where you are well connected.

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  • Difficult
    17.0 mi
    8.3 mph
    1,725 ft
    475 ft
    Expert bike ride. Very good fitness required. Mostly paved surfaces. Suitable for all skill levels.

    Your last stage on the Sieg cycle path is about to begin and you will be more than reconciled for yesterday's route on the main road when you drive along the idyllic Siegtalwege again. The route is only about 27 kilometers long, but the last kilometers up to the source are tough.

    At the beginning, the city of Siegen amazes with great bike paths that guide you out of the city on perfect asphalt with a highway feeling. A little later you will reach the picturesque paths of the Siegtal, where you cycle through green meadows and past farm animals.

    About halfway through the route you come through Deuz, a small district of Nephten. Here you have the last opportunity to stock up on your provisions. From now on it goes gently and constantly uphill.

    Wonderful views and shady trees make the ascent a pleasure. Once at the source, you can first hold your head under the cold water. Not far from the source is the country inn "Zur Siegquelle", where you can stop for a reward.
    But the real reward is still waiting for you: of course, you treat yourself to the descent of the kilometers you have cycled up. Depending on where the journey takes you, you have different options here.

    The nearest train station is in Lützel, about nine kilometers away, and bicycles can be taken on the train for free. The express bus 5 goes back the route of the Siegtalradweg, here you need a bicycle ticket. You can get in directly at the source, or you can whiz down the mountain and get into Deuz, for example. Of course, you can also cycle back the route to Siegen, where you are well connected by train in various directions.

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    17.7 mi
    10.4 mph
    225 ft
    225 ft
    Easy bike ride. Great for any fitness level. Mostly paved surfaces. Suitable for all skill levels. The Tour includes a crossing by ferry.

    Exciting destinations await you on this 28-kilometer round tour from Siegburg. You start in Siegburg and drive in a dangling around the confluence of the Sieg into the Rhine.
    The route leads you through the picturesque Siegtalauen on quiet and well-developed bike paths, where you can enjoy wonderful views.

    After about 15 kilometers you will reach the mouth of the Sieg. There is an almost maritime atmosphere here - the colorful hustle and bustle of the ships in the harbor basin and on the Rhine, an inviting promenade with delicious ice cream.

    Now you cycle past the fishing museum, which is ideal for a tour of discovery and a stop with a view of the lake. The return trip has even more surprises: a very special victory crossing. Here, too, you have a nice stop on the bank and can even hop into the water.

    Now there are only about ten kilometers left to your starting point in Siegburg. As a round trip, you can also travel by car for this excursion. Alternatively, Siegburg has excellent connections to Düren, Cologne or Siegen with the regional train or S-Bahn.

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Green floodplains in the Sieg Valley near Bonn – Sieg Cycle Route