Following the Irish coast on the Burren Way

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It's not possible to get much closer to the water than when you hike along the Burren Way. This long-distance hiking trail takes you 76 miles (123 kilometers) over 7 stages through the stony Burren region and down Ireland's west coast. This unique limestone landscape was formed more than 340 million years ago, and to date contains more than 70% of the country's indigenous plants. As you hike, the stone walls and dolmen you pass en route are still living representatives of bygone eras — and they'll reveal to you some of the most striking landscapes in Ireland.

The Burren Way is a diverse trail in itself. In fact, once you reach the halfway point, the trail will take you across to Doolin and the world famous Cliffs of Moher. Here, you'll encounter some surprisingly spectacular surfing spots (if you're crazy enough to bring your board with you) as you proceed further south along the Atlantic coast.

Rugged cliffs, a flora rich in species, charming Irish villages and breathtaking views over the Atlantic — the Burren Way is one of the most fascinating hiking trails in Ireland. For this hike, we've reduced the essence of the Burren into four stages that'll carry you a total of 40 miles (65 kilometers). A truncated version of the full 76-mile route, you'll enjoy an especially experience-rich version of the hike as you skirt the Atlantic and traverse this staggeringly beautiful hiking trail.

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