Hirtstein Hike vom Nischel zur Hirtsteinbaude am 10.10.2020


Hirtstein Hike vom Nischel zur Hirtsteinbaude am 10.10.2020

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    30.0 mi
    3.2 mph
    4,100 ft
    2,525 ft

    The Hirtsteinmarsch, after 1400 men now take part in the annual Fichtelbergmarsch event, we wanted to venture a new tour from the Nischel to the ridge. Planning at Komoot is really easy, the only problem is the overnight stay on the Hirtstein or in the statutes. From the shack to the hereditary court everything checked out, no chance, so off to the school camp in Jöhstadt, the distance is about the same. Start was five o'clock in the morning at the Nischel, out of the city past the university and Pfarrhübel to Einsiedel, with a wonderful sunrise over Weißbach we went further down to the Wilisch valley and on to Zschopau. Over the Affenstein to the Haase bakery in Scharfenstein. Cake for 0.80 ct, that's a blast. After proper refreshment, we continued through Zschopautal past Warmbad to Selva. From there over the Zeisigstein with a view of the Pöhlberg and the confluence of Pressnitz and Zschopau to Boden an Bahnhäus`l, veal schnitzel for lunch. With a full stomach, we went directly over the ski slope up to Mauersberg. Continue over the Landring always with a view of the Pöhlberg via Mildenau over the Vogelbeerweg to Jöhstadt. A great tour. The school camp is Ostalgie and Ur-Erzgebirge in one, nothing for warm showerers.

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    11.2 mi
    2.9 mph
    1,125 ft
    1,225 ft

    It should still be the Hirtstein today. After a hearty breakfast, we went to the summit this morning in a frosty -6 ° and sunshine. In front of the summit, however, is the Pressnitz valley, the way to Schmalzgrube in the morning dew and sunshine is an experience. The ascent from Schmalzgrube, over Schulberg and the Kammweg to the funny Hans makes your pulse and body temperature rise significantly. With the hope of a summit beer, we reached the hut. You won't believe it, a Deja Vu like three weeks ago, another confirmation (closed, because the event is closed). It is not clear to me how a mountain hut and mountain lodge wants to stimulate local tourism. Fortunately, we had a really opulent lunch menu in Uhlig's restaurant. Clear recommendation and prefer the hut and the inheritance court. 5 Stars. We went back by bus from Chomutov via Marienberg to Chemnitz. Have a great weekend guys, thank you

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Hirtstein Hike vom Nischel zur Hirtsteinbaude am 10.10.2020