Der Stormarnweg im Herbst 2020

Collection by Karin Kreutz

Der Stormarnweg ist ein 115 Kilometer langer Hauptwanderweg .Er beginnt im Süden des Kreises Stormarn. In Reinbeck wird gestartet, durch den Sachsenwald, z.T. auf dem Fernwanderweg E1, über Ahrensburg und Bargteheide nach Bad Oldesloe. Weiter nach Reinfeld bis er in Lübeck endet. Gelbe Richtungsfeile mit rotem Rand weisen den Weg.

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    16.6 mi
    2.9 mph
    1,250 ft
    1,175 ft

    The train brought me to Reinbeck, unfortunately with a delay. A quick visit to the castle in the rain.
    Along an avenue, with dreamy villas, into the Sachsenwald. It's a bit adventurous. All alone, rain again and again, swampy paths in the Billetal. I enjoyed it !!! Beautiful mushrooms and leg seen from tree.
    After Witzhave, braakermühle, coffee drinking .... closed.
    Again and again short showers.
    In Rausdorf, past Rüdiger Nehberg's house, into the forest.
    Now I also know where Santa Claus lives :))
    Saw him !!!
    Then to the Großensee. The sun is laughing. Leave the route at the barrow and head to the Seebergen forester's house. A beautiful, idyllic place to stay. Located on the swan ponds. With goats, sheep, rabbits, ducks.
    Really recommendable. Was a nice day!

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    17.7 mi
    3.1 mph
    1,500 ft
    1,475 ft

    After a good meal yesterday evening at
    Forsthaus Seebergen and a restful night, we continued early on the Stormarnweg. But after a few steps the rain jacket had to be put on. Past huge properties with beautiful gates, we went through forests and fields on forest and asphalt paths.
    Even in the nature reserve Hoisdorfer Teiche there were no animals in the rainy weather.
    A narrow path led past a nursing home in the middle of a very beautiful park with a quiet place on a bench.
    ... if it was summer now ...
    Through a residential area where excavators are currently clearing away the old trees to make room for an apartment building.
    Continue on narrow paths, over the motorway, through a forest that protects against rain, to Großhansdorf.
    I meet "Michael wandert" in a cafe.
    We hike together on this day and lively exchange ideas about our hikes. The rain has also stopped in the meantime.
    In Ahrensburg we take a look at the castle. The old watermill right next to it has been grinding the grain for the Ahrensburg Castle and the surrounding area since the 17th century.
    Over a railroad bridge, a train just happened to come for my photo.
    Further through forest and fields, with deer in the paddock.
    Slowly the hunger showed up, and the universe gave us a bench for lunch. :))
    Many interesting conversations made the time entertaining, because Bargteheide was already reached. Over a cup of coffee we looked back on the tour before both went back home in the opposite direction by train.
    Despite the initial rain (which I like) we had a nice day. The hike is recommended.

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  • 05:19
    16.2 mi
    3.0 mph
    1,375 ft
    1,500 ft

    We set off for Bargteheide in the dark. Day 3 of the Stormarnweg.
    The weather should be good, so neither hat nor gloves😁.
    Through Bargteheides residential area and past the closed church (I left stone there) on beautiful paths to the ice cellar from 1736. Then into Jersbeker Park. Alleys, beautiful oaks, beeches, fruit trees ...
    Sooo nice. In addition, the sun showed itself. We continued on beautiful forest paths to Prinzeninsel. A little dangling on the railway path to the boulder garden and on to the former Grabau station. Short stop for bird watching.
    Continue on cobblestones, past horse paddocks to Tralau.
    The way to the castle itself is private.
    So turn back ...
    But it still looks beautifully enchanted and playful.
    Past the fire brigade towards Nütschau. I got a room in the monastery for tonight. I'm curious...
    And then I'm there, a large, white building, the monk welcomes me, the Our Father in 80 languages

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    11.6 mi
    2.9 mph
    925 ft
    900 ft

    The night in the monastery was very good. If you want to get involved, you can go to church for worship or for silent prayer. We eat and talk together. I liked the monastery very much.
    A short walk through the monastery garden, past the castle gate on pilgrimage routes to the Brenner Moor. Dark clouds above me ... (the monk had asked for good weather for the apple harvest and for hikers) on a wet, slippery boardwalk, we walked a few hundred meters through the moor with its salt springs. There are rare salt plants there, but I don't know them. I like it very much in this moor area. Lots of freshly raised turf along the way, a sign that there are many wild boars.
    Then the path leads me along the Trave to Bad Oldesloe. When the sun is shining, I wander through the small town, over the weekly market, and I get a pilgrim's stamp in the Peter and Paul Church.
    We continue on the Traveweg, the Via Baltica. A very nice hiking trail. I find beautiful benches for the lunch break and am happy about it;)). There aren't that many benches that often. On forest paths and paths it goes towards Reinfeld. Some ponds are on my way. And just in time for a stop in Reinfeld, it has to rain heavily again.
    Conclusion: Again a wonderful hiking trail with many insights and views and great encounters. Very varied in nature and weather. It was nice!!

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    12.1 mi
    3.0 mph
    675 ft
    725 ft

    In thick fog, my girlfriend went on the last stage of the Stormarnweg early in the morning. Lübeck is always worth a trip, especially on foot!
    But, we want to go there first, one after the other. Through Reinfeld with the carp as a landmark to Stubbendorf. Not very spectacular. On good paths through the fields, mystically through the fog, to Groß Wesenberg. We are on Via Baltica and can see the church from afar. There is a pilgrim stamp in a box at the pastorate. A friendly gentleman opens the church for us to visit and contemplate. Actually an open church, but unfortunately not during Corona times either -...
    Unfortunately, the Trave we are walking along cannot be seen because of the fog. The path leads us through fields and then through a really beautiful forest with "deer antlers". Short break (without a bank, ... but that works too). Along the railway to Moisling. Now the sun is already shining, it is warm for mid-October, along the Elbe-Lübeck Canal, with its many sloping gardens and soon we will see the seven towers of Lübeck. Past the granaries and we have already reached our destination, the Holsten Gate.
    Yes, that was it, the Stormarnweg in October 2020!
    A beautiful, varied route. Great experiences, friendly encounters, great fellow hikers, mostly good weather. It gave me a lot of pleasure and I am happy to recommend this path to others!
    Yes he was

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    24:52 h
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    5,675 ft

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