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    The title of the tour may scare one or the other ...
    But hikers can be assured that your salvation will be saved by the end of the All Saints Chapel at the latest.
    But in order:
    Years ago in winter on the Lahnhöhenweg Taunus, we got to know the wild Swiss valley with its mill history and talked about it again and again.
    So, a tour planned by our beloved Braubach ...
    First up to the height (here you could also follow the Rheinsteig) and continue over the magnificent Lahn heights.
    After a slight descent you reach the former mining settlement Friedrichssegen with its church ruins. Formerly a proud church from 1889, heralding the wealth from ore mining, the wealth in 1913 and the history of the church in 1937 already ended.
    We continue along the old church path to Frücht and walk in the footsteps and life story of the Feiherrn vom Stein, who is laid out in a crypt here.
    It now goes down to the Lahn through the wild and romantic Swiss valley with its mill history.
    In Mielle we cross the Lahn to the Westerwald and embark on a longer forest ascent that leads us to the Lahn hiking trail and then to the entrance to the Ruppertsklamm.
    This time, however, we leave the gorge on the right and follow the old Lahnhöhenweg Westerwald via the All Saints Chapel with the former monastery to Lahnstein.
    The bus (or train) brings us back to Braubach.
    Conclusion: Wide heights, lots of beautiful forest, lots of history and the wild Swiss Valley - FIT !!

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