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Triathlon 360 – my journey around the world

Jonas Deichmann

Triathlon 360 – my journey around the world

Collection by Jonas Deichmann



6144:18 h

16,309 mi

722,800 ft

Welcome to my record-breaking challenge: the world's longest triathlon, from Munich to Munich via the world.

During my challenge, I aim to cover the distance of 120 Ironmans (roughly 40.000 kilometers/24 900 miles) – with a minimal CO2 footprint.

After 17,000 kilometres and a winter crossing of Siberia, I reached the Russian Pacific coast. I set off from Munich on 26 September 2020. I cycled over the Alps to Karlobag on the Croatian coast. From there I swam 450 kilometres along the Adriatic coast and reached Dubrovnik on 22 November after 54 days in the water. In the process, I set a new record for the longest swim without an escort boat. From Dubrovnik, I cycled further east with the goal of reaching the Pacific coast in Vladivostok, Siberia, in the spring. I made it despite all the difficulties with Corona and the visa for Russia.

The next step was actually to cross the Pacific. For a long time I looked for a "ride" on a sailing boat, but in vain. In the end, I was lucky to get a flight to the east and even with this option, it was uncertain for a long time whether I would arrive at my destination. Fortunately, it worked out and I reached Mexico. In mid-June, I set off from Tijuana on the 5,000-kilometre run. I was pulling my luggage behind me on a trailer the entire way!

And now I'm back in Europe: The last part of my journey began in Lisbon with the final 4,000 kilometers that will finally bring me back to the place where it all began, Munich.

The current plan is to cross my native Switzerland on the 26th of November before aiming for the finish in Munich on the 29th! Watch this space!

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Tours & Highlights

  1. Triathlon around the world – The final

    61.5 mi
    13.9 mph
    2,725 ft
    3,550 ft

    First Triathlon Around The World Complete 💪!


    After 429 days on the road and a distance of 120 X Ironman across 18 countries, I am back in Munich, where it all began September last year.


    It has been an incredible adventure with so many ups and downs but for now I am just very happy to have finished.




  2. It finishes as it began, with very cosy conditions. Today we cycled from lake constance into the Allgäu through winter wonderland. Particularly in the afternoon it snowed so much that it got very slippery that we progressed slowly but are nevertheless just 100 km from Munich now 🎯.


    Can't wait to complete


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  4. 09:25
    130 mi
    13.8 mph
    4,625 ft
    4,950 ft

    Back in Germany 🇩🇪!


    The last two days I was back on familiar terrain with many roads I already knew. First we stopped at my families place in Aedermansdorf in Switzerland where we got a big reception the way I am used from Mexico. Was great to be back at my homebase, even if it was only for one night


  5. 03:43
    59.4 mi
    16.0 mph
    2,350 ft
    2,350 ft

    Stopover at home. A short day along the Swiss lakes to my family's place Aedermansdorf, where the village made a great reception as I am used from Mexico. Finally feels like being home and now approaching Germany.


  6. 05:56
    77.1 mi
    13.0 mph
    5,250 ft
    4,925 ft

    Hello Switzerland🇨🇭!


    The past two days we cycled on small roads through the French Jura and crossed the border in the evening. Country Nr. 18 and just 500 km to go 🎯. The weather is finally also becoming cosy with cold and rain as well as a snowy forecast for the next few days ❄️.


  7. 08:08
    91.9 mi
    11.3 mph
    9,175 ft
    8,450 ft

    We continue through the mountains and are now approaching Switzerland.


  8. 05:44
    61.3 mi
    10.7 mph
    8,250 ft
    9,100 ft

    We continued our route North through the mountains with one long climb after another. In the morning we cycled out of Die in grey and cold weather but then crossed the clouds on the way up to Col du Rousset with sunny weather and a sea of clouds below. We were making good progress until we reached a


  9. 06:56
    93.3 mi
    13.5 mph
    800 ft
    825 ft

    I continue through the flat Camarche region. Great views of the beach and some nice medieval villages. At night I reach Avignon and meet Markus again who is now joining all the way to Munich.


  10. 05:39
    57.1 mi
    10.1 mph
    7,175 ft
    6,250 ft

    The last big climb of my Triathlon around the world and just 1.000 km left to Munich 🎯!


    The past two days I cycled along the French coast with nice and sunny weather before heading inland to meet Markus in Avignon. He is joining for the final days to Munich, and today we climbed one of my favourite mountains


  11. 06:22
    86.7 mi
    13.6 mph
    1,125 ft
    1,075 ft

    After great company by Tony from my partner Meetyoo for the first hour I continued alone along the coast. Perfect weather and a nice view of the snowtopped Pyrenees. In the evening I found a cosy camping spot but was freezing all night. It's getting colder.


  12. 04:07
    66.0 mi
    16.1 mph
    4,075 ft
    4,300 ft

    Great company today by Ironman legend Jan Frodeno riding out of Girona 😎. After a morning coffee, La Comuna Jan and a few local cyclists joined for the ride towards the French border. Super fun riding together and interesting to hear his stories of pushing boundaries to the limit. Now I am already in


  13. 05:16
    78.7 mi
    15.0 mph
    3,550 ft
    3,400 ft

    Good company by a few local cyclists riding out of Barcelona. After some busy kilometres it got very nice. Reached Girona in the afternoon, where I got a great welcome by Ironman legend Jan Frodeno.


  14. 05:26
    75.9 mi
    13.9 mph
    4,250 ft
    4,775 ft

    The first rainy and cold day in Europe... well I better get used to that approaching Germany 😅. I continued inland with some amazing climbs before descending into Barcelona where I am staying for the night. Heading to Girona tomorrow and then across the border into France.


  15. 06:20
    77.3 mi
    12.2 mph
    6,850 ft
    6,275 ft

    The climbing through the beautiful mountains continuous and now just a few hours from Barcelona 😁.


  16. 07:29
    97.8 mi
    13.1 mph
    6,875 ft
    7,425 ft

    The past two days have been an amazing mixture of beaches and mountains as I turned inwards onto small roads and a few gravel sections 😁. Once away from the coast there is barely any traffic and lots of beautiful winding roads which I discovered on komoot. Also making good progress with less than 2


  17. 02:20
    36.7 mi
    15.7 mph
    150 ft
    125 ft

    After a beautiful camping spot on the beach I cycled into Valencia.


  18. 04:35
    57.1 mi
    12.5 mph
    4,475 ft
    4,000 ft

    After Valencia I got back in the mountains with some beautiful climbs.


  19. 07:36
    97.5 mi
    12.8 mph
    8,450 ft
    8,425 ft

    Today Christopher joined for a morning climb out of Alicante up to 1.000 meters. The downhill at the other side wasn't much faster, with a constantly winding road through beautiful mountains until I got back to the coast. Time to look for a camping spot now, and morning ride through Valencia 🏕️.


  20. 10:43
    154 mi
    14.4 mph
    6,975 ft
    7,275 ft

    Back at full speed, pushing hard to make up for the delay due to illness. I am finally feeling strong again, pushing for 248 km past Murcia. Gravel Collective

    had build me a nice route with two long and amazing gravel sections on the coast. Took me ages to get through and finished the day at 10:20 pm 😅.


  21. 08:26
    128 mi
    15.2 mph
    6,650 ft
    6,575 ft

    Finally feeling better and speeding up again with over 200 km 💪 . In the morning fellow @ryzon_apparel ambassador @wiebkelueh joined for an amazing ride along the coastal road and nice coffee. She is currently in „home university“ around here with her bike 👌.


    I then continued through Almeria and towards


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    16,309 mi
  • Duration
    6144:18 h
  • Elevation
    722,800 ft

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