Via Scandinavica 2020

Collection by Karin Kreutz

Mit dem Rad auf dem Pilgerweg Via Scandinavica
Von Lüneburg nach Eisenach

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    34.3 mi
    8.1 mph
    1,650 ft
    1,500 ft

    Back on Via Scandinavica.
    Yesterday it went, unfortunately without recording, from Lüneburg to Bad Bevensen. Lüneburg is a beautiful city. Short visit, then on the Illmenau on the pilgrimage route with wonderful
    View, forests, narrow paths to Bienenbüttel. On adventurous paths to Medingen Monastery. Unfortunately closed due to Corona. And on to Bad Bevensen. A small dreamy old town invites you to linger.
    Today we continued with records. The pilgrimage route has of course no paved paths, but leads in many up and down in many detours to the destination. You can pause well on the path of creation. We leave Ebstorf Monastery because there is a storm ...
    Then through fields and forests to Suderburg. A visit to the church of St. Remigius is advisable. There is also a pilgrim's stamp, and a pilgrim on the way to Santiago de Compostella has also made his way. In the afternoon I meet two individual pilgrims. Buen Camino !! 🙏

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    38.8 mi
    9.1 mph
    1,050 ft
    1,175 ft

    ... and rain all day; (
    First we went past the ash ponds. The paths are very wet, sandy and slippery. Heavy driving on this flooring. To Eschede, known for the bad ICE accident in 1998. At that time a wheel tire broke ....
    The curls and chapels are almost all closed today or services are celebrated.
    But the pilgrim's stamp hung on a tree, well housed.
    ... and also found a cellestone. That's luck in the rain.
    Then to Celle. Few people are in the pretty small town, the church is closed here too. Past the castle, through the French park. Very beautiful.
    Luckily, hikers call us an accommodation in Ramlingen.
    And now we are waiting for good weather - tomorrow, definitely tomorrow !!!

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  • 04:59
    41.4 mi
    8.3 mph
    1,400 ft
    1,250 ft

    Oh yes, no rain
    Without breakfast we continued on Via Scandinavica for the first 20 km ... On well-paved paths over Burgwedel Engensen towards Hanover. We reached old warm books through many fields and forests. There are many studs in the area so we could see a lot of horses. The closer we got to Hanover, the more tense the nerves ...
    Quickly had a coffee at the Tiergarten and bought a roll, then into the city of Hanover. A lot of back and forth, and you have to be able to drive in the city (I'm a country pomeranian) but well done. Just nerves ...
    All ticks unfortunately closed, so no pilgrim stamp received :(
    And finally reached the leash!
    Past the Maschsee, a great local recreation area with separate foot and bike paths, what a luxury !!!
    Then in the nature reserve of the leash, lots of birds -
    can be seen - via Sarstedt, without marking the Jakobsweg for hours ...
    Let's finally meet our shell

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    38.6 mi
    8.9 mph
    1,125 ft
    1,025 ft

    Today we drove in nice cycling weather, sun clouds, no wind from Burgstemmen to Einbeck.
    Since the Via Scandinavica asked us a lot, we decided to continue on the Leineradweg. Bike paths are well paved and the paths on the pilgrim path were so softened by the rain that it became very difficult to drive.
    On nice paths we went along the line to Alfeld. A beautiful half-timbered town, but all churches have closed there too ... no stamps ...
    There were an incredible number of beautiful poppies along the way. That made the picture very beautiful.
    Then continue on flat bike paths, we don't know such beautiful ones from SH, bike runs, to Einbeck.
    Also a wonderful little half-timbered town, known for its🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺
    Hotel searched and found.
    Such a tourist information can be very helpful. Thank you.

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    27.2 mi
    9.1 mph
    550 ft
    425 ft

    When the weather was good, not too cold and still foggy, we went from Eins to Göttingen. But it's not that simple. If the route was not entirely clear, it was also possible to take short detours. We gave up looking for the cyclist band in Northeim. Apparently, underfloor heating is being built ... well, because.
    On a viewing platform, I spent a long time looking at the many water birds. A natural spectacle. Soo beautiful!!!
    Then it went almost only tarred ways towards Göttingen. However, there was really only one bank for a break. Finally found, breakfast and on .... but then lots of benches. It is sometimes like that in life. In the same way that most churches were closed again. Too bad.
    Then again city traffic ... cycling and city, that's not my thing.
    Look ahead, right, left, back ... my husband is still coming, traffic lights roundabout, right side ???
    All right. Done. And then downpour :(

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    11.9 mi
    8.7 mph
    325 ft
    225 ft

    The 2nd part of today.
    In the rain we went on towards Friedland. But soon it was dry again and got warm too. The signs were initially sparse, but that changed. Nice people told us where to find accommodation ... it was worth it. Well accommodated and well eaten, we look forward to the next day. Good night😴

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    31.0 mi
    9.0 mph
    1,550 ft
    1,600 ft

    In Friedland we had a nice hotel with a good dinner and a nice terrace.
    Then the shock this morning. Get up, clouds, breakfast 15 € per person, so cycle sober ....
    Now it was time to find the way from Leine to Werra Valley Cycle Path. Past a small chapel, stamp for Piger in a box next to the entrance and in it a bottle of water and 2 children's chocolates .... that's great !!!!
    Now it was always uphill, to the former border, that reminds me very much
    Continue uphill on the road and then paths
    But that's not it!
    The column route followed. That vehicles there ever got rough, let alone driven down, unimaginable !!!
    We also gave up at some point. Even sliding downhill was no longer possible in the rain. The brakes did not grip properly, the heavy wheels and all the luggage ... not feasible.
    So back and continue in other ways. The signage was then completely missing, so we came to Bornhage. That should be the case.

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    41.8 mi
    9.2 mph
    1,450 ft
    950 ft

    We started our last stage on Via Scandinavica in the beautiful town of Eschwege. We were quickly on our way and could let go a bit. The rain had stopped overnight and now it was wonderfully warm and sunny.
    In Wanfried an der Werra there is a small historical port. Definitely worth seeing! Also the small town.
    The further route was not always clear. The signs and my download from Komoot did not match.
    But we did it and in the late afternoon we reached Hörschel. The gateway to the Rennsteig.
    Now find a suitable way to Eisenach, of course when it rains ... like from buckets.
    And then at the destination of our trip
    Unfortunately the church was closed again, but I received a pilgrim's stamp in the monastery.
    Hotel wanted, train station, buy tickets to drive home this morning at 8:00.
    Now we are after 5 changes (DB still has a bicycle trolley with 5 steps

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