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2020. A year that brought many of us back to our roots and showed us all the beautiful places right on our doorstep. A year that has brought us closer to our friends and family again. Together, we got out into fresh air. That's why we at JACK WOLFSKIN asked walkers and nature lovers in Germany, Austria, and England to show us their favourite Tours right on their doorstep. They set off with friends and family to rediscover their homeland and bring us their personal Wolftrails. In doing so, they found out what they’re made of.

With company or alone, they hiked the most beautiful Tours in their surroundings. We present the most beautiful route – their personal Wolftrail – in this Collection.

In Germany, Sandra and Tim headed to Lorchhausen in the west and took on its towering heights. Martha and Gürel enjoyed magnificent views on the Gossersweiler-Stein Felsenweg (rocky way). Marie and Jan were enchanted by the Harz Witches’ Trail in the Harz Mountains.

In neighbouring Austria, Sabrina went on a voyage of discovery on a hike up the Großer Sonnleitstein in the Mürzsteg Alps. Meanwhile, Betti and Henning discovered the wonderful Bluntau Valley in the Salzburg region with the whole family.

Of course, two countries are not enough, so we also sent a few hikers out and about in Great Britain: Jess and Charlie experienced the unique nature reserve Kinder Scout in the Peak District, while Harry lured his loved ones, including Coco the dog, onto Fleetwith Pike in the lakes.

Late summer and autumn are the best seasons to put on your hiking boots and experience adventure. Join JACK WOLFSKIN on the trail of our influencers and experience your very own personal Wolftrail!

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Tours & Highlights

    5.79 mi
    -- mph
    850 ft
    850 ft

    “As flight attendants and passionate travelers, we travel a lot. At home in Germany we are drawn to nature again and again. Because of the calm. But of course also to discover the wonderful sides of our own country. Just like on this tour around the Engweger Kopf. Just an hour's drive from our home in Wiesbaden, but thanks to the wonderful views and nature, it's worth every kilometer! "It starts in the heart of Lorchhausen. For the time being, you turn your back on the Engweger head and walk leisurely up and down towards Wachtenberg. The ruin that towers up there is a highlight in itself - but the views that frame it will delight you twice over.We continue through beautiful nature and without significant climbs. You are now heading towards Engweger Kopf. You will pass a couple of scenic rest areas and after a last climb you will finally reach the high plateau of the same name.Here you can sit down, unpack your picnic blanket and provisions and let the sun shine on your face. A wonderful oak forest and unrestricted views of the Rhine then lead you back to your starting point.Do you want to follow more of Tim and Sandra's adventures? Then click through her Instagram profile: instagram.com/sandraromero.

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    6.82 mi
    -- mph
    1,050 ft
    1,000 ft

    “We love to hike, which is why we quickly turned our hobby into a profession. As adventure and landscape photographers, we are always on the lookout for the most beautiful places, the most massive peaks, the most bubbly waters ... Preferably in the Dolomites or anywhere else in the world - but at home at the moment. And we would like to introduce you to the following tour: "The hiking area around the Gossersweiler-Stein in the Palatinate Forest with its unique red sandstone doesn't just look good on photos - this hike also gives you some wonderful views. To do this, first make your way to Alte Landstraße in the Gossersweiler district. Steps lead you into the forest on Eichelberg and you are right in the middle of the beautiful nature.The first spectacular vantage point is not long in coming: At the Krimhildenstein, the landscape lies at your feet. Enjoyment allowed! Then it goes over Eichelberg, three rocks and after a short descent into the valley uphill to the Rötzenfelsen. You have probably seen its distinctive shape several times - to jump over the small crevice, you should be free from giddiness. But you can enjoy an amazing view over the extensive biosphere reserve. And from then on it goes downhill: Past the 4-Burgen-Blick and over a steep path down into the valley. Finally back to your starting point in Gossersweiler.Do you want to see more of Martha and Guerel's adventures? Then click through her Instagram profile: instagram.com/guerelsahin.

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  • 04:24
    8.44 mi
    1.9 mph
    900 ft
    875 ft

    “Travel, travel, travel. That was our motto even before our world trip - and it is still today. But if we are in our home country in between, our hiking boots are of course diligently laced. Come with me!"It goes on a section of the Harzer-Hexenstieg. The long-distance hiking trail consists of five stages, all of which run through the Harz National Park. Starting from Thale, you will explore the section that leads through the magical Bodetal, also known as the Grand Canyon of the Harz Mountains.Hardly out of town, you are already standing in the middle of the fabulous nature of the Bodetal. A beautiful path leads you along the river, later over bridges and trails. You watch the water, which has made some extraordinary rock formations here over the centuries. You hike for a few kilometers until you start the return path again shortly before reaching a wider forest road.On the way you can expect many nice resting places, right at the Jungfernbrücke you will also find a nice inn for a stop. Since the path never rises or falls too steeply during the entire course, you have all the time and breath in the world to enjoy the unique nature here. When you are ready to wake up from the Bodetal dream, the same path will bring you back to your starting point.You also want to follow all of Marie and Jan's other adventures? Then click through her Instagram profile: instagram.com/ourtravelventure.

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    4.99 mi
    -- mph
    100 ft
    100 ft

    “Discovering our beloved globe with kids - that can be a challenge. As a travel family and because we enjoy the time with our children so much, we always find a way. At the moment we live in the Alps, which is of course particularly beautiful for hiking. Discover one of our favorite tours with us - into the Bluntau Valley! "The hike begins at the Bluntautal parking lot. A road leads you into the magical valley. Past a few more and less traditionally built houses - and you're right in the middle of it. You don't cross the massive wooden bridge, which you can see from afar, but hike on the right side of the river into the valley. So you march there, always along the bubbling Torrenerache and under a thick canopy of trees. Only when you stand in front of the bear host do you begin to change your direction.It goes out of the valley again. On a wide forest path and through a beautiful forest. Then suddenly they open up in front of you: the deep blue bluntau lakes. Right next to each other they are mirroring each other, fishermen try their luck on the bank. The perfect place for a break, especially with children. Because only a short time later you end up on the same path that led you into the valley. And you will soon reach the starting point again.Do you want to see more family adventures? Then click through her Instagram profile: instagram.com/thatfuelforlife.

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    6.27 mi
    1.5 mph
    2,775 ft
    2,750 ft

    “Outside Dahoam - that probably best describes my person. No matter when and no matter how - for mountaineering, hiking, climbing or on a snowboard - I prefer to be in nature. In my home country Austria there are of course a lot of beautiful tours, and I'll show you a very special one here. "To get to the proud 1,639 meters of the beautiful Großer Sonnleitstein, it is best to start in Hinternaßwald. From here you walk along Ameiswiesstraße, which soon turns into a narrow path. It leads you steadily uphill, sometimes along bubbling water, up to the Großer Sonnleitstein.When you arrive at the top, you suddenly realize why Sabrina comes here at regular intervals: The view of the Schneeberg, Rax and Schneealps is unique. Unpack the snack and enjoy - together with the panorama. Because from now on it’s only going downhill. The so-called Franz-Jonas-Steig takes you over roots and narrow curves back to your starting point.You also want to follow all of Sabrina's other adventures? Then click through her Instagram profile: instagram.com/berosa_gogreen.

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    4.65 mi
    1.5 mph
    1,750 ft
    1,750 ft

    “The wilder the landscape, the better! I live according to this motto as an outdoor and lifestyle photographer. My dog and best friend Coco follows me everywhere. And I would like to introduce you to the following tour: "It goes on the Fleetwith Pike, a proud 648 meter rise in the English Lake District in Cumbria. The almost seven and a half kilometer long round tour leads you through wonderfully rough nature typical of this area and leaves you amazed at the view up there at its highest point.It starts not too far from the shores of Lake Buttermere. There is not long talk of the bush - you climb straight up to Fleetwith Pike, the highest point of which you reach after less than two kilometers.This is the perfect place for a break - not infrequently windy, but very promising. You can enjoy a clear view of Buttermere and Crummock. And when you're ready, you complete the round - past the Dubs Hut and many small bodies of water back to your starting point.Want to see more of Harry's adventures? Then click through her Instagram profile: instagram.com/harry.t.baker.

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    8.88 mi
    2.0 mph
    1,450 ft
    1,450 ft

    “Dare to venture beyond your own limits more often, experience more, go on adventures - that's what we want people to do. Where do we pursue our own philosophy? Well, preferably in our home in Great Britain. And we don't want to withhold our most beautiful tour from you either. "Most of us are familiar with Manchester. But what many do not know is that only a stone's throw from the city is a nature reserve that makes hikers' hearts beat faster. You too can discover the Kinder Scout during this round tour. And off we go just outside Hayfield on the banks of the River Sett.You make your way through beautiful nature right from the start, you will soon dive into the nature reserve and find yourself a short time later next to a large lake. The William Clough Path takes you from here up to the heather-covered Ashop Head, from where you can enjoy a wonderful panorama.This area is literally interspersed with water holes - one in the form of small ponds and one as a raging waterfall. As you march through the reserve, you pass the Kinder Downfall and the Kinder Low and admire the rough nature of Great Britain. Past the uniquely shaped Edale Rocks and soon closer to civilization again, you make your way back to the starting point.Want to see more of Charlie and Jess’s adventures? Then click through her Instagram profile: instagram.com/the.travel.project.

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