The KAT-Walk Alpine Trail through Austria's Kitzbühel Alps

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As a hiking blogger, the KAT Walk Alpin in the Kitzbühel Alps in Austria has long been on my bucket list of the most popular long distance hiking trails. In the summer of 2020, the time had finally come and I set out to tackle it in 6 stages. The trail led me on 117 kilometres and 6,390 metres of elevation from Hopfgarten to Ortisei in the Pillerseetal. The went via Kelchsau, Windau and Aschau to Kitzbühel and from there onwards via the Kitzbüheler Horn to St. Johann in Tyrol. It was a really special experience. You can see all the details in the daily Tours below but my top Highlights were as follows:

- Ascent to the Lodron at 1,925 metres and a fabulous 360-degree view of the surrounding mountains

- Ascent to the Hintenkarscharte and a wonderful view of the Großer Rettenstein

- World Cup feeling on the Hahnenkamm and hiking on the famous skiing slopes Mausefalle, Steilhang and Hausbergkante

- Ascent to the Kitzbüheler Horn with a fantastic view of the Wilder Kaiser and an amazing descent via Horn-Gipfel-Höhenweg

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Tours & Highlights

    11.9 mi
    2.1 mph
    3,150 ft
    2,450 ft

    Today I started the first stage of the #KatWalkTirol 🥾🤘.The start was very exciting, because a storm had probably uprooted some trees sodass so that there was no getting through. I fight my way up across the country through the forest 🥾.The tour continued to take me leisurely through forests and meadows. There were a few farms along the way. I found the dairy boys' little farm shop 🐮 particularly beautiful. You can buy fresh cheese and many other regional specialties here. It was dream weather with a wonderful view. Sometimes I could see as far as the Steinplatte and the Watzmann-Mittelspitze.The Haagalm was unfortunately closed, but before that there was such a small self-service shop with fresh cold drinks. It had to be an Almdudler. The first stage was great to get started, even if it didn't go very high.Facts about the 1st stage:
    ▶ ️ Hopfgarten> Kelchsau
    ▶ ️ 17.5 km long
    ▶ ️ 800 m uphill
    ▶ ️ 650 m downhill
    ▶ ️ 1,338 m Haagalm - highest point

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    10.5 mi
    1.9 mph
    3,725 ft
    3,525 ft

    The 2nd stage of the KAT walk was an absolute dream, but I also really worked up a sweat 😅. It was 1,200 meters uphill 🏔⬆️ and 1,100 meters downhill 🏔⬇️. I was rewarded with a 360-degree view from the Lodron at an altitude of 1,925 meters. The descent was tough, but the landscape was also super beautiful.On the last few meters I got really lost. I was actually only 30 minutes away from the Steinberghaus, but instead I ended up in a forest 🌳. There was no going back and forth, loads of ants 🐜 and no chance to get back on the trail. I had to go all the way back and had a few more vertical meters on the hiking account. For a short time I was on the road as a real motzkuh 😝🐮😂.When I arrived at the Steinberghaus, I was fed so deliciously that my worries were quickly forgotten 😀. I'm really looking forward to the next stage.Facts about the 2nd stage:
    ▶ ️ Kelchsau> Windau
    ▶ ️ 15.5 km long
    ▶ ️ 1,200 m uphill
    ▶ ️ 1,100 m downhill
    ▶ ️ 1,925 m Lodron - highest point

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  • 04:56
    9.92 mi
    2.0 mph
    3,475 ft
    2,150 ft

    The 3rd stage on the KAT-Walk is a super nice experience. The first nine kilometers offered some beautiful views of the camp and we went through the forest again and again 🌳. But from the Scheibenschlag Hochalm it got really fantastic.The following highlights were on the way to the Labalm:
    ⭐️ Alpine roses, juniper and wonderful views on the way to the strikingly incised Hintenkarscharte (1,829 meters)
    ⭐️ When you arrive on the Hintenkarscharte, you have a wonderful view of the Großer Rettenstein 😍🏔, which you can see throughout the entire descent.
    ⭐️ I have included a little extra tour to the Gassnerkogel (1,900 meters). The second summit cross on the tour with a wonderful view.
    ⭐️ In the middle of the Alm downhill. Suddenly there were felt like 50 cows around me. My heart really slipped in my pants. But they were really cute too.
    ⭐️ Warm welcome and fantastic food at the Labalm 🥾😊.
    I take photos all the time and would like to show everything. I wish you a nice Sunday 😍🥰!Facts about the 2nd stage:
    ▶ ️ Windau> Labalm
    ▶ ️ 16.0 km long
    ▶ ️ 1,060 m uphill
    ▶ ️ 660 m downhill
    ▶ ️ 1,900m Gassnerkogel - highest point

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    16.0 mi
    2.2 mph
    3,325 ft
    4,925 ft

    The motto of the hike was "pure World Cup feeling". For me it was also a small world cup. Instead of 16 kilometers I was 25 kilometers with 1,020 meters ascent and 1,500 meters descent and a lot of sun on the way 🥾🏔☀️.My highlights of the tour were:
    ⭐️ Canada feeling on the descent from the Labalm to Aschau - river, forest and mountains in a wonderfully beautiful setting. Shortly before Aschau there is also a beautiful waterfall.
    ⭐️ It was a nice ascent towards the Schwarzkogelscharte and Pengelstein with wonderful views. It's good that I had a shirt to change, because it was pretty steep.
    ⭐️ We passed the beautiful Pengelsteinsee, which invites you to relax with loungers.
    ⭐️ Then it went over the Hahnenkamm 🐓🏔 and a bit over the Mausefalle, Steilhang and Hausbergkante runs. Not a problem on foot, but with skis ⛷? I can very well imagine the speeds at which skier legends like Hansi Hinterseer rushed down there.
    ⭐️ You could already see today's stage destination - the Kitzbüheler Horn.
    Facts about the 4th stage:
    ▶ ️ Labalm> Kitzbühel
    ▶ ️ 25 km long
    ▶ ️ 1,020 m uphill
    ▶ ️ 1,500 m downhill
    ▶ ️ 1,030 Pengelstein - highest point

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    11.9 mi
    -- mph
    4,025 ft
    4,250 ft

    Insanely beautiful views from the Kitzbüheler Horn and a great view of the Wilder Kaiser on the descent to St. Johann in Tirol. You quickly forget the strain of the 5th stage on the KATwalk! I don't need to write much anymore about the views. Greetings from the Kitzbühel Alps.Facts about the 5th stage:
    ▶ ️ Kitzbühel> St. Johann in Tirol
    ▶ ️ 17 km long
    ▶ ️ 1,250 m uphill
    ▶ ️ 1,290 m downhill
    ▶ ️ 1,996 m Kitzbüheler Horn - highest point

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    12.6 mi
    -- mph
    3,250 ft
    2,600 ft

    The 6th stage on the KAT-Walk demanded a lot of endurance again. This stage was really totally worth it. It went from St. Johann in Tirol to the beautiful Pillerseetal to St. Ulrich am Pillersee. There are really many wonderful views and at the Wintersteller Alm the KAT Walk meets the WaiWi.Facts about the 6th stage:
    ▶ ️ St. Johann in Tirol> St. Ulrich am Pillersee
    ▶ ️ 19 km long
    ▶ ️ 1,000 m uphill
    ▶ ️ 800 m downhill
    ▶ ️ 1,550 m - highest point

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    72.7 mi
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    23:27 h
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    20,950 ft

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