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Chuckle-Worthy komoot Highlights Found in the Wild

Chuckle-Worthy komoot Highlights Found in the Wild

September 6, 2023

Komoot Highlights are supposed to be useful for planning a great route. All the insider community knowledge we talk about? A lot of that intel comes from Highlights (the red dots on the map). Occasionally though, Highlights have more entertainment value than route planning value. 

Our editorial team keeps a close eye on Highlights to ensure only the useful ones stay up, and through this process they come across some gems. In this post we’re sharing a few of the weird and wonderful Highlights that might not be particularly useful, but did make us chuckle. Let’s dive in. 


Turns out that the komoot community loves snails. We found 15 snail-related Highlights in Germany alone. Our favorites are “Snail’s summer hibernation.”

And the slightly more helpful “Snail (not always here),” which manages your expectations around the presence (or indeed, absence) of the aforementioned snail.

Cow-related content 

Cows are apparently also popular Highlight subjects and, as the team discovered, you cannot create a cow Highlight without describing the cow’s general demeanor. For example, on komoot you will find:

  • "Lovely cows"

  • "Brave cows"

  • "Cheeky cows"

And when you’re sick of assessing cows’ personalities, you can resort, as this community member did, to a simple statement that says it all: "More Cow".

Questionable advice

Technically advice, this nugget could either be very useful, or mildly alarming. Behold, 

"Good bush for peeing"  

Happy Highlights

The final trend worth noting is the category of Highlights which appear to be created spontaneously as the result of a joyful moment in time. There are Highlights celebrating the exact spot where a couple got engaged, snaps of friends you weren't expecting to see, and other Highlights celebrating the community's dogs being cute.

We love your enthusiasm for Highlights, so if you come across a place you think others would enjoy go ahead and share it with a Highlight. Ideally, Highlights include images that others find useful: Clear, specific photos that show off the uniqueness of a place are in. Blurry photos of an unidentified patch of grass, or a cow that has the ability to wander off, are out. Also, remember that photos added to Highlights are public. That means your selfie will be visible to the whole community.

Want to learn more about komoot Highlights? Visit the Highlights help guide. If you want to dive deeper into komoot’s features, you could start with this interview we did with the routing squad (includes FAQs), or if you’d prefer more chuckle-worthy entertainment, try one of Tegan Phillips’ cartoons: 7 Outdoorsy Ways to Declare your Love.

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