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Hop on your bike or take a hike to unknown places & fave spots!

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komoot website and mobile apps

Adventure Far & Wide

All in one handy app: topographic maps and turn-by-turn voice navigation to help you focus on the path ahead.

Prep Like a Pro

Plan down to the last detail with at-your-fingertips info like surface, difficulty, distance and elevation profile.

Rad Real-Time Stats

Always know how fast you’re going, how far you’ve gone and how much longer you have to travel.

No Internet? No Problem.

Download your planned outdoor activities with offline maps.

Stress-Free Sync

Whether it’s on your smartphone or desktop, komoot auto syncs across your tech.

Get the Word Out

Follow your friends & comment on their outdoor adventures.

Discover The Wild’s Best-Kept Secrets

Tucked away trail? Hidden hotspot? You can find it all with komoot’s Highlights feature.

Awesome Places You’ll Love

Get recommendations on amazing spots & create your own suggestions for others.

Let Highlights Lead the Way

Find out what other adventurers are up to and use that to create your own Tours.

Share the Adventure

Get creative by adding photos and tips, and voting on others’ Highlights.

The Outdoor App That’s Just A Tap Away

komoot on mobile devices
  • Offline maps for those times when the Internet isn’t your friend
  • Real-time navigation so you can focus on the adventure
  • Highlights that allow you to discover and recommend outdoor sights
  • Topographic maps for on-the-ground knowledge

How It Works

A behind-the-scenes look at how our team of data scientists and outdoor nerds make the magic happen.

Powerful Routing Tech

Getting adventurers from to-and-fro takes a bit of work. That’s where our super precise routing mechanisms come into play. And at just 0.382 seconds, it’s also lightning fast. Powered by the latest developments in science and tech, our routing algorithms track down the best trails, match them to your preferred sport type and pump out the ideal Tour for navigating you through the wild.

We provide the world’s best routing technology for outdoor activities. I’m psyched that thousands of hikers and bikers rely on komoot for Tour planning and nature exploration.

Jan Heuer

Software Developer & Co-Founder

The Science Behind Highlights

While you’re out Touring, you can also discover or recommend nature’s hidden hotspots with our handy Highlights feature. Highlights feature a Tour’s best sights or places, whether it’s a spectacular singletrack, a better-than-average alpine hut or a noteworthy trail. Based on your preferred sport type, your location and how popular it is among the komoot population, recommended Highlights bring the power of the komoot community to the surface.

Here’s something I’m definitely proud of: we created the only platform in the world that allows outdoor enthusiasts to share their most interesting outdoor discoveries and favorite spots. Highlights are here and they’re awesome!

Christoph Lingg

Software Developer & Co-Founder

Smart Tours For Smart Explorers

Only komoot has Smart Tours! Tailored to your start point, Smart Tours include your favorite highlight and interesting Highlight suggestions in your area. With difficulty level and distance from public transportation included, you can decide if a recommended Smart Tour is for you with one simple swipe. Smart Tours aren’t just recommended by komoot, they reflect your preferences. As we get to know what you like, we’ll get better with what we recommend to you.

I’m passionate about Smart Tours. They turn an abstract Highlight into a fully personalised experience. A Smart Tour cleverly finds the best path to reach a Highlight either from your current location or from a convenient starting point. Just tap and go!

Lucia Santamaria

Recommender Engineer